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Sparkin The Joint

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JPblunt., Feb 4, 2002.

  1. HEY alll just a quick question thats been running through my head. Hopefully you guys could help me out. Ok if a person rolls the joint or Blunt do they get to spark it.(even if it is not there weed.) ???? It was in my best jugement that if the person took the effort to roll up some art work that they have the right to light it.Nor matter whos the herb. well what does everyone else think? Thanks Jay Pee.
  2. in my opinion he who rolls it hits it but u never know... there are sum rules for this stuff in this forum or in reacreational marijuana use one check it out
  3. I'm going to have to take a different side than you sweetie. Sorry, but if its not your weed, i don't think you get to spark it. If the person didn't know how and needed you to do it, than yes, you deserve greens, but I think as far as i recall, who ever brought it gets greens. Maybe its different everywhere. Ask around.
  4. In my opinion, he (or she) who rolls it, sparks it.
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  5. "Packer's Preveilage"!!

    That's what we always say. Where ever the session, however the session. Who ever packs the bong or rolls the joint gets to spark it! Standard rule around here.
  6. so said cypress hill.

    i think more importantly its who calls TWO'S
  7. Sorry, I'm "old school" LADIES first, then whoever rolled it, I mean come-on, If you don't want to make the effort to twist one, you should at least reward the worker bee with the first toke!! Then directly to the Kind supplier!!! Roooooll On!
  8. for me they're a few factors.

    1) The quality of the weed
    If its low grade stuff i dont really care i'll wait in line for the hit

    2) Relationship with who your smoking
    If its someone your not that close to and he rolled it but its your weed..hell i say the herb provider gets it first


    If he rolls a nice joint..i say let him spark it.
  9. If it's mine and I roll it, I spark it. (And usually double hit after quickly expelling the first micro hit.)

    If it's theirs and I roll it, I ask them if they would like to light it.

    Doesn't really matter either way to me, though. It's kind of a weird "honor" to spark it up, but the first hit is the one with the most paper smoke, and it tastes the worst to me.

    I don't usually hand out my dope for others to roll, so that hasn't come up yet. :D
  10. really i don't roll joints and i rarely smoke them. if i do smoke them my uncle rolls them then well its up to him who lights it up. i think if you roll it up, you light it up. i figure, you roll it, the shits in your hands already, just hit it and pass it to me.
  11. I always believe, those who rolled it/packed it sparks it. However I'm a big "WUSSY" (to quote Stacey Keach from "Titus":)) and if I roll the joint, unless it's my BF, I offer others to spark in THIS order:

    1) if it's someone else's weed, I always offer it to them
    2) if I'm at someone else's house, I offer them the first hit
    3) guests at my house or guests at someone else's house (who has declined greenie)
    5) phishhead(my bf)

    Why is he dead last? Because he always gets the joints burnin unevenly and puffs it a third down trying to get it even, dork! :D
    Of course that's still one of my favorite things about him!!

    But... OK How about this, to solve this easily:

    THOSE WHO ROLL/PACK IT GET TO CHOOSE WHO HITS IT FIRST. If they choose themselves, fine. If someone rolled a J of my own weed, I'd be more than happy to give them the favor of hitting it first - because they took the time to do it. :) It's just *nice* and besides everyone still gets stoned, right??
  12. of course the person that rolls it sparks it..proper etiquitte..

    it's green the whole way to the end of the joint..everyones gonna get theres..'s just kind...they will probablly give you greens on the next bong/pipe load..

    (unless your friends are broke and never have weed..LOL)

    peace and love
  14. man readin this tread just reminded me of my first bong i bought, the day i got it my buddy said come on get it up, i was like i got the bong buddy, so we smoked garbage dope he got and he was the first one to hit my bong...fucked up eh?? although i did get twosys...dunno
  15. If i roll it I offer it to the weed provider. If it's my stash I'm usually puttin' the stuff away so I offer it to the other. I guess I go by the rule of letting others go first in general
  16. i totally agree wiht jp if you take the time you spark it no matter what i think its only fair......even if it isnt your weed if they want to spark it sooo bad then roll it yourslelf right?
  17. hello all, i'm new here... but not new to the arts of poking smot

    i thoroughly believe that he who rolls it, gets first dibs, if the person with the bud couldn't roll it on their own... that would be their lack of experience along with their own damn fault....but that's just my opinion


    "And heaven would be just kickin' back with Jesus packin' my bong"
  18. all i know is that when JPBlunt rolls a blunt, hes the one who sparks it. its that simple. if u take the time to roll a joint or blunt, then u get the honors of sparking. if yur that dumb that u cant roll your own weed into a joint or blunt, then u dont deserve to spark it
  19. I always roll my own so that is not a problem.If someone hands me their stash to roll from I figure its up to me to decide.Sometimes I blaze er up and sometimes I pass er over to be lit.To me what is most important is what happens next.Pass it along.Don't Bogart that joint my friend.Share and share alike.After 30 years of serious dope smokin I have yet to hear someone complain about who lits a joint but if you don't pass it along you will sure hear about it I gaurantee.
  20. I forget the mispracticer, but .... "he who packs the bong sparks it"....?!?

    Of course... but that should be because you've he's been given to smoke a whole bong, to himself, to smoke all in one go. You simply CAN'T pass lit bongs around and expect everybody to get a decent hit off them. If you do take your mouth off the bong before the cone has been smoked then you instantly lose the airtight seal so the next person to hit it will suffer from the now lack of lower air pressure in the bong and will not be able to shoot it properly.

    Can't you smoke a whole bong in once or something ?!?

    And on the spliff side of things, don't you think what you should do should be entirely flexible, based upon the situation?


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