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Spare Money

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cudder x, May 14, 2011.

  1. I ended up with an extra 60 bucks to just blow on whatever, i wanna buy pot but dont feel like totally blowing it all on that.

    gotta get a little gas to...

    what do?:confused:
  2. 40 gas 20 pot. Works both ways :)
  3. 50weed
  4. save for the rainy day :D
  5. 30 weed 30 gas.
  6. this lol
  7. You dont have to spend $$ just because you have it. Try to *gasp* save it.

  8. if you didnt notice i said it was extra money, i got it unexpededtly and im supposed to go and treat myself with it. im just trying to be a little productive with it, and i dont wanna just split it gas and weed lol im tryna think of sottin to do. most likely going to be dolo tonight.
  9. Go get fucking wasted man, put that money to good use :laughing:.
  10. 18 not 21 and i dont drink much as it is, only at parties or with some friends haha
  11. well whatever you do dont forget the munchies
  12. so like... a half ounce of regs or an eight of dank...
    and like... 1.76 gallons of gas? lol
  13. If you didnt notice you can save extra money.

    Remember when you were a kid at the arcade. You would play games and win tickets. When all your quarters ran out you would take that pocket full of tickets and buy a plastic parachute man because thats all you could afford. You never had enough tickets SAVED from multiple gaming sessions to buy that awesome thing hanging on the wall that cost 20000 tickets.

  14. $60 bucks could maybe pay half of my cell bill.
  15. I say save that shit for when you wish you had extra money.
  16. If you decide against spending it shoot it my way :smoke:
  17. I would buy an 1/8 of super dank shit and get baked. But do whatever you feel is right.
  18. #18 Smoking 247, May 14, 2011
    Last edited: May 15, 2011
    i'm not trying to be a dick but are you serious lol it's 60 dollars, you didn't win the lottery :smoke: figure out how much gas your gonna need, fill up, and go buy some bud with what you have left lol
  19. That's weird.

    You'd buy 3.5g

    I'd buy 5g.

    Someone in Canada would buy 10g.

    Someone who grows wouldn't even pay and they'd have pounds more.

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