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  1. Hello fellow dopers,

    This is my fist post on this site....Any what kind of space is required for max yeild.....or is SOG better for yeild....I know it depends on the strain ....but overall whats the spacing for lets say for ex,. white widow.....meter by meter squared or can you get away with smaller spacing.....because i tried the SOG method and its ok but you can have more problems with SOG i think......let me know ...+ thanks
  2. Welcome, i dont know much about growing, but there's a lot of dudes/dudettes that do..:smoking:
  3. This is the general OUTDOOR department.

    You sure you don´t want INDOOR???
  4. Really thanks for informing me it was outdoor forum...i guess hooked on phonic's didnt work for confused...

    LOL....i was talking about outdoor ....people...maybe that question was alittle to advanced for most i hope not....

    PLease dont respond unless you have something related to my question.....also never assume kids.:smoking:

  5. I can´t pretend to understand your rambling.

    I raised the question because the term SOG is generally used only in reference to INDOOR growing methods.
  6. Sog.....sea of green is used for both ...bud.

    You need to read more or some shat.....srry dude
  7. Sea of green (SOG) is a method of cultivating MJ indoors, cramming up to four plants in every square foot of the limited space available. It is popular as it economises on electricity used, and reduces the risk of the detection of heat emissions. None of these criteria apply to outdoor grows, where we do not worry about either available space nor electrical power consumption.
    So if you are referring to SOG you are talking solely about indoor methods. Sorry.
  8. Getting back to the question, I think two or three feet should be fine. Depending on how much they bush out. I haven't grown in years so my figures may be a wee bit off.
  9. Sounds about right. I grow in large pots with my plants almost touching, 3 foot sounds nearly right.
  10. Make sure you plant your males a very very very faw way away from the females ( if you plan on even letting them live )

    otherwise, you can put females about 1-2 yards inline with each other
  11. Couldn´t agree more. Keep them males MILES away. Shaking one into a plastic bag will give you loads of pollen to pollinate a branch or two on the ladies, giving you masses of seeds for next year.
  12. good idea! how simple! i was planning on growing 1 male with 1 female away from the main grow area but now that just sounds stupid
  13. Who said anything about males......there all worries about that....thanks for that info guys.....ill sent out some pic alittle later for everyone to drool over....
  14. also Sog method can techically be used for both, indoor and outdoor. Why you ask....because all Sog is really is planting all your plants close together...thats it....some strains are developed for this sole purpose "and there outdoor plants".....and as i was saying an earlier post ...the diadvange to this is mold and lack of Oxygen circulation...advangage....more plants more main coloas " take the tops drop the rest" If im wrong explain why SOG cant be for outdoor curious...:rolleyes:
  15. SOG isn't just about spacing. It's about flowering many small plants quickly, rather than letting only a couple plants get large. The goal is to make up for the plants being smaller by just having a lot more plants, trying to roughly yield the same as larger plants, but much more quickly (around half as long as larger plants). I'm thinking about making my indoor grow SOG just so I have some bud to toke on long before my outdoor plants finish.

    When your plants flower is really dependent on the season for outdoor growing, so you really can't force them into flower when they are young... so, SOG is really more of an indoor technique.
  16. Just what I was saying. You are now truly my Hero.
  17. I got ya thanks for that .....

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