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  1. ~Space Captains Log 10:26pm~

    So me and my buddy have been high basically all day today and we figured we take some Coriceden along with smoking. We just took the Coriceden like 20 minutes ago and were already both pretty high and waiting for the Coriceden to kick in. Just thought id share my story with all of you as I go through my first ever Coriceden experience. I will try my best to update you guys through the night and during various stages of my trip if I can remember.

    ~Space Captain~
  2. ~Space Trip, Captains Log 10:32pm~

    Not sure what to think, I mean I feel high, and i mean really high. Not sure how to tell if the Coriceden kicked in or if it has yet to. I feel like i dot wanna type a lot but im just gonna keep typing. Legs feel heavy and fingers feel like pencils on my computer screen. My buddy has been playing some Metroid Prime game on his Wii for like the past 45 minutes and i kinda wanna just make a fort. Good shit man.

    ~Space Captain~

    It is terrible for your liver.
  4. ~Space Trip, Captains Log 11:21pm~

    im finding it harder to think clearley, all the letters have their own thoughts about what they are converying to the reader (you). The walls tell stories about past exoeriences and if you listen, you might just get a little wiser. Stars shine bright as should you.

    ~Space Captain~

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