Space Ghost Coast to Coast! Now there's a show!

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Jul 19, 2002.

  1. With all these tv & cartoon posts...that I already replied to, I forgot Space Ghost!!! This show is def a fav of mine..i never seem to know when its on though...! just happen to catch it!
    space ghost!! lol.
  2. you ever see that one sealab episode where they kept travelling back and forth through time and they would die then come back to life again and shit? oh man that episode was SOOOOOOOOO tripped out!
  3. YEAH! spaceghost is nice because you might not even be THAT stoned..and still, shit seems VERY weird....with all the cartoons intermingling with real life people...and the awkward moments of silence make me wonder "was that just in my head?"....
  4. MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER...........nuff said
  5. HAH!...I forgot about that!..the best one on earth is one of their DVD specials where they watch a movie called "EEEGAH"...its about a caveman who was preserved somehow insome sulfuric gas filled cave and now hes back in business in the 60s and he kidnaps this girl and her surfer/guitar playing "doo whop" boyfriend has to save her with his dune buggy he built......basically..its a one point in the movie they run off into this field and ytou can hear the director yell "watch out for the snakes!"....Ive heard it was the smallest budget B movie of all time....and frankly...I believe it too

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