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  1. So i got a 4 piece grimder with the clear top a few months sgo... however, one of the teeth must have been lose cause it snapped off and bent some others.

    There was no abuse... no dropping it. No such shitty weed it broke it.. lol..

    So my question is. Since i have a $75 busted grinder. Where do u contact spacecase about their grinders? Everything i find is a reseller. I need warranty info and the place i got it at is a 3 hour drive. (Got it on a trip)

  2. I didn't know space case made a clear top. In fact I don't think you got a space case at all. Which is probably why the teeth broke and bent.
  3. yeah space case is all metal , and very reliable
    SpaceCase does not make a clear top grinder, so why do you need to contact them regarding their warranty?
  5. Lmao.. good catch... i was THINKING about spacecase and typed it.. i meant SHARPSTONE... got the gold colored one with a clear top... but it is sharpstone...

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  6. Check sharpstones website, email them, they also have a facebook page.

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