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  1. i know that the season is almost over, but if i sowed 20 regular seeds and left them in a barn with a large window to let light through, would they, left to their own devices, mature and produce more seeds over the winter, which i could then plant in spring?
  2. How can you expect a plant to mature if its season is over.
    LOL the questions here on GC get worse and worse everyday.
  3. No need to belittle a novice seeking answers, I don't care who you are u were a rookie once too.

    Check out the 12/12 from seed thread in indoor grows, it will show u the plants will get about 4"tall and flower or if the equinox happens first and the days get longer it will reveg and next year it will be a tree
  4. Im still a rookie but c,mon.
    Im starting to think 9yr old kids are joining up and asking Qs.
  5. pogmohoin you're just spamming and trolling. you havent helped me at all. yes im a rookie and it was a simple question, which you gave a shitty answer to. so Ccoastal what you're saying is that there would be the possibility of a very large plant if planted now? to be quite honest i wouldnt care is they were 4", it would still be worth £20 to get maybe 6-10 females out of a pack of 20. this isnt a 'super-efficient' grow, and was never intended to be, all i want is to learn a little and get some bud in return.
  6. Plant away but you wont get nothing, zip, nada.
    Now while you have the whole winter to prep, I suggest you go do some reading.
  7. Always has to be a hater somewhere. Don't let it phase you bro.. Good luck to ya. :)
  8. Hater?? He should read some stickies first.
    If he done what he is supposed to he wouldnt be getting slated.
    Im no pro, rookie in fact but i had the common sense to read a stickie or two before typing, waiting then reading.
    Notice how no one with lots of green boxes gave an answer to his Q?
  9. Lol except for me ad I've got like a hundred times the rep u do, from helping people. Heres the thing, if u don't kno what ur talking about or are just gonna be negative, dont write anything. For bein a rookie u sure act like u know everything.
  10. Green boxes don't mean jack shit. Smarten up.
  11. OP's question was legit, if its in a barn, it might be a little more protected. But unfortunately, unless it is heated you will kill them in the winter. Also, depends where you live.

    But if you made an indoor enclosure inside the barn, it might be a good environment to grow, if you get an HPS light or MH, then it would keep temps a little higher, possibly high enough to go through the winter. But a growing enclosure is a whole new scenario.

    You might be able to get something if you get a 60 day autoflower. But even still you will need supplementary lighting, because I doubt you get good enough light in that window, autoflowers run well on 20hrs light/4 hrs dark.

    Wait till spring, or start researching indoor growing enclosures.
  12. Think i said that.

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