Sovereignty Glass Family [HD]

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  1. Here it is, finally got the video up - a sovereignty glass get-together featuring a Stemline oiler, Kingstem, Stem/8, and a Peyote Pillar. We brought them together for some tokes and dabs, hope you enjoy!

    [ame=]Sovereignty Glass Family - YouTube[/ame]

    Mad props to my buddy for putting this edit together

  2. nice glass and video
  3. Sick pieces and the video was dope
  4. Sick video man. I am still trying a get a SG King Stemline.
  5. Agualabtechnologies. Replace g with q
  6. Nice, thanks guys! Gonna place an order right now. I checked a week or 2 ago they were out of stock, I guess I gotta keep checking.
  7. what song is that man !
  8. the song is shine like diamonds by griz

    awesome video and even more awesome music, i fuckin love griz!
  9. Pretty sure I heard of Griz but his stuff is weird as fuck If I remember right
  10. if weird you mean amazingly awesome then you're right hahah
  11. yeh I just looked them up, not weird at all haha
  12. Sexy glass man. Love the pillar action.
  13. video was top notch. music complimented it.
  14. Thanks for watching errbody!

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