Sovereignty Dabbin

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  1. [ame][/ame]
  2. You got some sorta skin on your torch? Or it come like that?
  3. Dabs and dancing, thats how i know your smokin' good errl. Nice glass man!
  4. Ha nice glass man and nice dancing too!:smoking:
  5. That downgrid di is fucking butter man. Is that a honeycomb mib type thing on the bottom?
  6. Nice vid and dancing. We knew that ish was bomb when it made u dance!
  7. This guy rips it like a fucking happy drug addict lmao! Nice vid and energy!
  8. Very Nice...:cool:
  9. Video made me happy. Lol.. cheers!
  10. Cant handdle these type of vids on my t-breake :d
  11. me happy too for u
  12. haha good music man lol. Listened to your page haha. Nice pieces too!
  13. I dance like tat ...
  14. Dude, I'd kill to dab off of that downgrid
  15. love the worked dome at the bottom of the gridded.

    keep it trilla.
  16. Sticker improvising

    Thanks man, it's an incredible piece. When I picked it up from Steve (owner of SG) he called it a honeycomb'd sea implosion mib :hello:

  17. Thats tight as shit. I've never seen that on an sg before.
  18. Stupid question maybe but what is the song in the background?
  19. Nice vid, + rep

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