Sovereign Citizens Birth Certificate Conspiracies?? I dont get it.........

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    I don't understand the conspiracy behind the birth certificate.  When I look at the birth certificate, it certify the name, parents, and birthdate. 
    Conspiracy #1- Birth Certificate is a receipt
    I don't buy the conspiracy theories about the birth certificate is a receipt for the state to take your child.
    That is bunch of B.S.   There is no writing with hidden meaning that can be interpreted as the child belong to the state in writing. There is no such hidden writings. An example of hidden meaning writings (not hidden to those who read properly) is Rhode Island's Prostitution laws. The word “return” means to pay afterwards. The word “another” means second.  So RI prostitution laws criminalizes paying for a threesome or a pimp and paying afterwards. Most dump reader cannot catch these meanings.
    I have found no hidden meaning in a birth certificate that indicates the state owns the child, creation of a corporation, creating a trust, opening an account, etc.  
    Conspiracy #2- All Capital Name is a corporation
    An argument freemen will make is that the all capital name on the birth certificate is a corporation. In legal paperwork, a corporation has all capital letters with Inc. at the end. Since there is no Inc., LLC, LP or other abbreviation that designate a legal entity, it is not a legal entity.
    All names are fiction. It doesn't mean it is a corporation. Without names, people in society cannot communicate with each other.
    Conspiracy #3- Birth Certificate is on bond paper
    Birth certificate is written on special paper to discourage forgery. So what it is on bond paper.
    Conspiracy #4- Birthing of a ship in admiralty jurisdiction
    There is no indication of any admiralty jurisdiction on a birth certificate. Just because something have a serial number doesn't mean it is a ship or a vessel in open waters.  The serial number is a reference number and not a vessel number.   
    From my assessment of the movement, Freemen, Sovereign, and Patriots are reading into things that are not written. In other words, imaging something that doesn't exist.
    The government issuing birth certificates is a necessary activity to maintain order in society.  100 years ago people knew each other in a small town and birth certificate was not necessary for identity. In today's society, most people don't know their neighbors. 
    Do you want to live in a society where your baby sitter can claim the baby is theirs because no birth certificate?  Do you want your child to have no identity? Do you want someone to come to this country and claim US citizenship because the government no longer issue birth certificate to establish birth status? 
    I used to be a fanatic that imagine things that are not written. Now I realize that it is stupidity. I wake up and realize these are fanatical believes.
    Tell me how the birth certificate establish any of these conspiracies. I don't see any conspiracy in a birth certificate.

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    Some people are just really bored.

    Edit: not you, the people making conspiracy theories about every last thing.

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