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    We have many years experience with big timers so should be a good read. Our first year on our own. A journal and an outdoor grow that is. I'm very excited for what is in store this year.

    To all growers I am open to ideas and constructive criticism throughout this process we call learning. Haha can never learn to much. Anyways this is the update.
    This grow is medicinal NOT guerilla. Therefore I am looking to get the best quality and quantity I possibly can out of every plant without worrying about hiding them.

    30 plants
    6'x6'x18" boxes

    First start of the germination process:

    Starting with 13 mystery seeds I will call Scooby Doo, 4 seeds of Pineapple Diesel, 1 single of Blue Dream. Planning on getting high quality seeds in the next week or two but free seeds never hurt anyone. What I did this time was put the seeds in a dish of water for 24 hours to let float then gave them a tap to see if they sank. If so I put them in a soaked paper towel. Damp and enough for towel to drip but not run with excess water.
    A couple seeds didn't sink so I kept them in the water for a couple hours longer then added them to the paper towels.

    Photo: After 24 hour float period
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    Update after 24 hours in paper towel


    Pineapple Diesel has two seedlings that have cracked and you can see root.

    For the Scooby Doo I see two as well that have begun to break and show root. They have been separated by which ones floated and did not.

    The single Blue Dream seed we have has decided to show us some life as there is a break in the shell if you can zoom you might see it. Very excited about this.

    So far so good. Other than that I shall keep them damp and at 70℉ for another 24 hrs or until I get a stronger root. Hopefully we will see better results tomorrow. = 1457760771553.jpg
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  3. Well after 14 hours we have seen an amazing amount of change.

    The Scooby Doo aka (mystery strains) has 6 seeds that have cracked. I will be planting 4 of them in peat pellets

    The lucky single blue dream seed will be put in its new home today as well.

    And for our Pineapple Diesel we have huge tap roots coming out two two of the big seeds. Still waiting on the root to show from the third cracked seed. Expecting her to show herself tonight.

    Now what we have here is the Scooby Doo in the bottom left. 4 seeds planted

    Then we have the Pineapple Diesel in the middle bottom with 2 seeds planted.

    And on the bottom right we have the single Blue Dream ready to become a beautiful lady someday.

    The rest of the peat pellets on the top row are just prepped for future rooted seeds.

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  4. Update:3/13/16 1pm

    So I have 2 more of the mystery strain(Scooby doo) seeds ready for the peat pellets. Also looks like one of our not floating seeds has cracked and is showing a root as well. Late bloomers are always welcome. I will keep it in the damp cloth till it is ready.

    Sorry I got so excited I forgot to show you the pineapple diesel seed that was ready so here is a photo of the one non floater left still with no break in the seed shell. It will still sit for a while.

    Here we now have the added 2 to the Scooby Doo and one more to pineapple diesel. The extra peat puck on top of Scooby Doo is waiting for its newly rooted seed.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Just got one more Scooby Doo ready for a peat pellet.

    On a side note look how fast the pineapple diesel has grown since this morning. Very impressive.

    The single Blue Dream is just starting to show.

    Once again we have 7 mystery seeds in peat pellets left side

    We've got the 3 pineapple diesel in the middle

    Last we have the single Blue Dream on the right.
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  6. Nice start, keep them under good lighting
    From the start and some wind so they don't
    Get spindly on ya
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  7. [​IMG]
    Here we are at day 5 in this pic from yesterday. Been busy making the new room for the starts and a future indoor. Almost finished. Need to make sure temp and humidity is right for them. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Here is a sneak speak at half of the outdoor set up. It's coming together nicely. Every piece of wood you see out there was free. Small box of screws and labor were the costs.
    On day 6 from operation germination still have them on the desk with a fan until the room is ready for the babes.
    We got 3 and a half inches with the tallest one being Pineapple Diesel.
    And how beautiful the Pineapple Diesel looks close up.
    Blue Dream close up.
    These are the Mystery strain. Looks like we got one stunted in the back right. She wasn't able to shed her seed so I helped her out soon after the photo was taken. We will see how she does by tomorrow. Overall everything is coming together we have soil coming in two weeks. Still lots of work to do beforehand.
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  8. Thanks. Just got some free lights just need to fix the hood and get the room situated. Should be in there by tomorrow night hopefully. That's the goal anyway
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  9. I like starting new beans in a half filled cup so when they get all stretched like that I can just top up the cup with a bit more soil to support the spindly stem till it toughens up.. More light closer from the start should limit that initial stretch..


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  10. I'm sorry to the late post we have been busy of course.

    Got our 60 yards of fully organic soil made local and special for our medicine. [​IMG][​IMG]
    The boxes our filled and ready for some worm castings.
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    Got some new equipment for the starts and the potential indoor.
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    This is about two weeks back. We also have two extra mystery Hawaiian strains.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    This about a week ago. One week after everything was transplanted
    This is about 3 days ago. They are looking beautiful. They love this soil.
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    Got these plants transplanted yesterday. (Before)[​IMG][​IMG]
    While putting them in the new pots we gently softened the bottom soil without breaking roots. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Here is proof that the plant will start new roots from the highest point of soil [​IMG]
    End result [​IMG] [​IMG] left them for a slighter longer dark period for extra root growth. Then lowered the light today.

    Also just ran across some free seeds. I know it's late for outdoor but we might turn them into mothers or maybe using them outdoor. Never know. Not sure but it's fun and worth it still.

    This is some Jager. Let them float for 24 hours then tap them to see if they sink.

    And this is cantaloupe kush. Most of them sank instantly so I put them I'm the paper towel.

    Today we have a couple that have cracked but not good enough for a picture yet. Maybe in the morning. Wish us luck. Still not knowing if any of these plants will be female yet. Haha. Learning new stuff every year as we grow for medicinal purposes. Purely organic.
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  14. Got quite a bit of starts. Most those seeds are now in these solo cups. Straight into its native soil after producing a healthy tap root. [​IMG]
    Here we added Mycorrhizae for root production. [​IMG]

    This is about 4 days after planted [​IMG]

    Here is some photos of them today [​IMG]
    Found a couple males and set a couple outside to so how they do. [​IMG][​IMG]
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    Alright my fellow cannabis enthusiasts sorry for the month wait on the good quality info. Been super busy like most growers this time of year. But it's not to late to do what we have already done.

    This is our start of transplant our transplant into the boxes.
    We dug the hole to the proper depth so the bottom branches touch the top level of the dirt. [​IMG]
    BEFORE the plant is takin out of its original pot for transplant we dunk the pot in a 5 gallon bucket with water, worm casting, Vitamin B-1 and liquid kelp. Stir, dunk, wait for bubbles to stop then you can transplant. This is important. Once this is done we can add worm castings and mycorrhizae. About a pound each. Add this in while backfilling the plant into place.[​IMG]
    This plant was planted the second of May.[​IMG][​IMG]
    This is a picture of the same plant 20 days later (today) and she looks beautiful[​IMG]
  16. On another note we got some good amount of Purple Queen seed starts from a well known Gardner in southern Oregon. So the process that has been used on these plants are all natural with only sun and greenhouse protection. They have been started early so they get the same light as if it were in flowering stage. So the grow to about a foot or two the. Start to show their sex. This can be tricky. Need to be able to time germination correctly. Some might change sex and bud faster than others which means longer process to revert back to vegetative state. We had a couple that were probably 3-4 weeks in. So we clipped all the buds off the help the plant revert.

    So.... amendments...

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]we have added these to the top 6 inches of our boxes. I recommend you do this before your plants are in the ground. Much easier. We have added alfalfa meal, bokashi, worm castings, mycorrhizae, and no burn chicken manure. I would recommend using more worm castings instead of the chicken manure. But budget was tight this year so we did what was needed.
    For our plot we gave each plant 3 lbs of alfalfa meal, 1lb of worm castings, 1 lb of mycorrhizae, 3/4 lb of bokashi, and half bag of chicken manure. Mixed it all in with a pitchfork. [​IMG]

    Anyways we are seeing phenomenal results with our plants. This photo is of today. I really think we are looking good. Getting the caging and irrigation setup finalized today and tomorrow. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Purchased all the irrigation and first caging. [​IMG][​IMG]
  17. This is awesome, I've always wanted to do something like that.

    Do you have to get licensing to grow that many out there?

    That's going to be some trees out there, reminds me of the mendo grow I saw.

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  18. Haha thanks for the compliment. You have to have medical cards

    Southern Oregon Grow
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    Well we are looking great so far. Been a little over a month since the last post. Wanted to talk a little bit about training your plants. I have photo of a string pulling the top of the plant over after 24 hours. They stretch and reach for the sun so fast. They don't go through any bit of shock like it would from topping. [​IMG]
    Also wanted to show a couple picture to demonstration how you should clean out the inside of your plants to help keep the plants healthy and promote stretching out. This first photo is of one purple queen that has reverted from flower to veg quite slowly but beautifully. As you can see there are many small suckers in the taking away from quality end product. [​IMG]
    This is a photo is some progress after about an hour. Lots of work here folks but greatly needed. [​IMG]
    About 2 hours total on this one because of so many small sprouts. But this is what it should look like after. I know it looks barren but wait and see later. [​IMG][​IMG]
    This is what it looks like from the outside. You can't even tell. You want to keep the outside 6 or more inches and cut out most everything inside that is not getting sunlight. [​IMG]
    The name of the game is square footage here so we are using bamboo to stretch the plants as well as tape or string. Whatever works or is handy to make sure that every bit of the plan gets sun. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Remind you these are 6'x6' boxes. We already need second caging on a couple of our plants. These are photos from 6/23 [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    This is a photo of today after most of them have been trimmed and we have put in a shed to cover our pumps and holding tank and hold all our grow supplies.
  20. That's all?

    And you can grow that many?

    I think I've discovered my new place to live...

    Keep it up can't wait to see how the harvest results look.

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