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  1. Got destroyed by horrible winds and nasty rain! I hope everyone that grows outdoor still has their harvest and keeps going strong! GL!

    Mother nature - 1
    Growers in OH - 0 :(
  2. What you 're going to give up that easy? They must not have been very old anyway, why not just start some more? You live in a very good area to grow. I wish I could help you out, I've got more plants than I probably will be able to get out. One reason I have so many is because you just never know whats going to happen when guerilla growing. If you give up because of one little setback then guerilla is not for you.:)
    Good Luck fellow buckeye! :smoke: Overgrow!!!
  3. No way i didn't give up! I'm just saying for all those people that lost their crops to start again.
  4. Im in northeast ohio lake erie at end of my street
    Been good spring here I got an early start with vegetables as well as 12 plants
    7 ww , 1hazex hash passion , 1 bahia blackhead x unknown good bagseed , 3 bahia blackhead.(a personal favorite) hope the female ratio is going to be in my favor.:D
  5. Good glad to hear that. Sorry I misunderstood. Good Luck to you on your grow then.

    alien: What breeding is behind a bahia blackhead? Never heard of them.
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    bahia blackhead is from kc brains (mostly indica ) I dicovered 5 years ago i have been making my own seeds since
    the female ratio is vey good also
    brazilan backround

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