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Southern MD area questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dr.Banner, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. there aren't any head shops around here and my grades at the end of the year sucked so my rents took my car, which blows, anyway i need a pipe, its time for a change of scenery, and my glass bowl is nice but i like the look of a metal pipe, so are there any places around here i can get one or do you guys know of any gas stations that sell them in the Huntingtown, MD area?
  2. buy one fom this sitee...
  3. i dont have a credit card, and i cant have it mailed here, my rents would be pissed... thats why im asking about finding one i can personally pick up...
  4. First off why do you want a metal pipe?

    They may have some cool visual things on them but they make the best stuff taste bad.

    But if you really want one check Shell and Exxon they normally carry smoking accesories.

    Or my personal favorite go to a home repair shop and build your own. You have to stay away from copper but they have alot of other materials there that you can build with.

    Things like PVC, CPVC, steel pipe, etc etc

    They arent always the best looking things but they are always one of a kind and cheap. Plus you can custom tailor them to what ever you want.
  5. if you can, make a trip up to Frederick or Baltimore with your friends
  6. theres a small shop in lexington market in the city. my friend got a nice metal pipe.

    There is one in Reisterstown called one flight up

    and there are a bunch in fredrick and around baltimore
  7. The dude already said he doesnt have wheels and has already stated that he knows of shop but has no way of getting to them. So why are you telling him to go to baltimore, fredrick, or reisterstown.
  8. Thats funny my rents just moved to Huntingtown, MD.
  9. seriously, no wheels, no card, i would like to go to a hardware store and frankenstein it, exxon or shell has them huh? i'll try that

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