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  1. Jesus is lie! There is no Christ!!
  2. this was a great episode up until the whole cartman learns a lesson thing.
  3. I don't even think they did the meme one right. I thought a meme was just a funny picture (like in the Meme thread) but they did it on "fads" not actual memes. Memes are like bachelor frog, socially awkward penguin,etc.

    Since when is planking considered a MEME?
  4. just... dont argue that with anybody in real life.
  5. Lol...memes are any kind of fad/trend that spreads quickly through a community...that's why those image macros are called memes, they got popular all over the internet within a short period of time...the word "meme" has been around for a lot longer than any of the internet memes you listed, and even the internet itself.
  6. ^ I just stated my opinion but nice to know. Of course I knew that memes have been around longer than the ones I listed, but those were the ones I knew off of the top ofmy head. Thanks for the info though :)
  7. Lol, jacking it in San Diego. Had to look that shit up.
  8. was last nights episode any good?
  9. last episode was alright. the music video part got annoying quick though. i miss old south park.
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    The boat ride had me Rollin live action southpark

    Edit: the poo-choo express
  11. k that was a hilarious episode. them being saved by Mr Hanky and the poochoo express was too damn funny.
  12. I liked last nights episode until they went to the real life scenes. That ruined it for me.

  13. Seems like a good split, I hated the live action too. I can appreciate that they wanted to do something new and fresh, but it was just okay. That being said, the cold sores were funny ass hell, oh but Kenny wasn't even blonde now that I remember.

    I can't remember the last time we saw Mr Hanky. And Stan ending up in San Diego naked and jacking it again was hilarious.
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    how? the dude that portrayed cartman was hilarious.

    go back to season 1 and 2, maybe even three. they did real life scenes in those seasons.

  15. uhh... name a single episode that this happened in.

  16. lol that shit had me rollin

    [ame=]Stan Marsh "Jacking-it in San Diego" Music Video - YouTube[/ame]

  17. the cherokee tampon one with cheech & chong

    there may have been another one, i used to have seasons 1 and 2 on VHS (other than the commentary).


  18. Don't forget the one about that teacher's wife who died in a plane crash and he always got flashbacks about it throughout the episode.
  19. [quote name='"HighSchool"']Lol, jacking it in San Diego. Had to look that shit up.[/quote]

    As did I.
  20. I've been disappointed in this season so far. Last season everyone was saying how they fell off and it isn't funny anymore but I still liked it. This year though...

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