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  1. I'm sure there are other threads on this show, since it's so fucking good.. but I haven't seen any in a long time, so here's a new one. I hate bumping really old threads anyway.

    I'm watching the episode about the Tween-Wave music and Stan being diagnosed with being a cynical asshole, so everything seems like shit to him. It's fucking hilarious haha, I've lol'd so many times. It isn't even over yet and it's become one of my favorite episodes.

    This is probably my favorite 30 minute show on TV. I'm pretty hyped for the new season that's about to start too. Who else feels the same? Favorite episode(s)?

    (and ye, I know everybody says new episodes aren't as good as the old ones.. Maybe so, but either way they're still really good)
  2. I'm watching them right now lol

    This is my first time seeing the one you are talking about and its pretty funny. At first i was like, wait...does is it supposed to sound like actual shit? haha this show always cracks me up.

    Rated ARG for Pirates. :laughing:
  3. That's how It is for me lol but yea south park is amazing and I really need to get caught up on the new ones
  4. im excited for the new season.. so ive been considering watching a few seasons again thati havent seen in a while.

    and all the towelie episodes.
  5. As ashamed as I am to admit this, I used to be a pretty big hater of this show. Never expressed my opinions, but I could just never get into it and disliked the characters as a youngin'. However, I have come around and now I dig the show :D favorite episode is Gnomes
  6. I always look forward to the new episodes. I agree that they're not as good as they used to be, but they're not bad. I just don't get into them as much as I used to. But I spend more time on GC than is healthy haha so who knows
  7. I didn't like it when I was little. I hated it because of the animation style.

    And as far as the new and old episode thing goes... The older episodes were more consistent, but some of the new ones are just as good or better than the old ones. A lot of people bitch a lot more about the new episodes than the show deserves
  8. you cant beat episodes like "Cripple Fight", or "Proper Condom Use". back then right around season 5 was its best.
  9. And of course I'm obligated to love the Medical Fried Chicken episode.

    "Holy shit Randy, your balls!"
    "I know, smokin' weed in front of a cop"
  10. hahah thats a great one too. definitely one of the best.
  11. By far my favorite television show to date.

    It's really impossible to list all of my favorite episodes(honestly there's so many I forget a lot of them), but one I'm particularly fond of is Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery. I'll report back tomorrow when I think of more. Going to get stoned and just chill all day, so I'll probably also end up watching a dozen or so episodes on Netflix.
  12. watching it right now!! :)
  13. Anyone catch todays episode? I'm downloading it right now and its only half of its usual file size. Either it was a short episode or I'm getting boned with a shitty 480p flavor.
  14. im watching the new episode right now and it is fucking hilarious.
  15. I haven't watched SP in a whiiiiile, i'm fucking slacking.
  16. I love watching Kenny dying :) lol. Brings me tears of joy
  17. What I love most about south park is they always incorporate current news/trends/world problems into the show, which I think makes it possible to keep the show going for a very long time. I think the newer episodes are just as good as the older ones, granted every show is going to have its ups and downs.
  18. lol fuck when Randy gets pulled over on the toilet i nearly died from laughter.
  19. This is one of my favorite shows of all time...the new ones aren't as good as the older ones though. I think my favorite character is Randy Marsh, lol. He always has the dumbest facial expressions.

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