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  1. damnit i slept through the new southpark
  2. Ohh man you missed a good one.. they killed off chef so brutally.. you have to see it... it was one of the funniest ones in awhile.. i was with all my boys and we were tipsy and smokin blunts and shit so, it was extra fun.. but as you as you can watch it, deff a must see...
  3. Yeah, it was pretty funny. It subliminally makes fun of scientology too.
  4. lol the super adventures club.....yess we travel the world and make sure we are the first to have sex with the native lands young so terrible and the way they killed chef... absolutely brutal lol
  5. The episode kinda pissed me off. I knew chef was going out, but he was just so damn cool... And the little twist at the end... This isnt the last we've seen of the super adventure club.
  6. something tells me that chef is coming back eventually. i read on the net recently that the scientology thing didn't have anything to do w/why issac hayes left sp, rather he had a serious stroke and was in rehab right now. i don't know how valid the story is though.
  7. Yep it was a DAMN good episode man.
  8. "Hello, CHILDREN! .. lets go to my house and make SWEET LOVEE!" .. haha I loved the way they pieced together all Chef's dialogue from previous episodes..
  9. I don't think canadian comedy network ran it.
  10. im gonna make love to ya..butthole chef is the man.....he'll be coming back tho i bet... but the way he that was fuckin hilarious just how long and brutal it was lol...o no a mountain lion!!... oh no a grizzly bear!
  11. that was so funny, deffinitly my favorite part
  12. Idk if you guys know the story, but Isaac WhatsHisName (The guy who voices Chef) was a scientologist. Then when the show first pissed off scientologists, he got mad and told the producers the show had "gone too far" and decided to quit (hell if they had "gone too far" making fun of every other quazi-religion on earth, that selfish bastard). All the Chef voices in the episode were recorded from earlier episodes. Because they had no one to match Chef's voice, they had to kill him:(

    i should read all the other replies before I make my own:p
  13. That had to have been the crappiest fucking episode ever.
  14. I actually thought it was one of the best.
  15. "guys maybe hes ok. i heard that you shit your pants when you die"- Cartman

    Then he shits everywhere. so funny
  16. Well, only funny part was the fact all the dialoge was peiced together. Just makes me sad to see Chef go like though. But they say that Tom Cruise made him leave, because as we all know, Tom Cruise is a level 9 scientologist while Issac is only a level 4... :smoke:
  17. i must say i was fairly dissappointed. i thought some parts were funny, but i mainly think that they were trying too hard to make fun of chef. and the death was so brutal for such a great character. i thought the dialouge was great and some parts were funnny but all in all i was dissappointed compared to the latest episodes. i hope they get a lot better. and i'm sure they will. i loved the randomness during this quote: "hey, what do you call a jewish lady's boobs? joobs." and then they didn't say anything and just kept on walking. haha. thats my input. peace.

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