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  1. Whats up everyone? My names Zach I live in South Florida (Broward County) been living here for about 9 years. I was born if Buffalo NY and lived there for 9 years. I'm 18 years old and have been smoking for the past 4. I own 3 pieces- a glass sherlock, a Vapor Genie, and a one hit metal cigarette.

    Most of the stuff I can get my hands on down here is fire, crypt, and purple kush. I've been snooping around on the site for the past year now and have finally decided to join. I have gained a wealth of knowledge from you all so thanks. I absolutley love smoking. I'd choose cannabis over any drug any day.

    If I do drink it's just beer and I usually never have the desire to get past 6. I've done acid twice and had a good time, but I had my fun and don't really have a desire to do it again. It seems like everyone around smokes blues or some kind of perscription pill. I've lost so many friends and seen so many good people turn into lieing, cheating, stealing assholes. I stay away from all rX. I think i've pretty much covered it all. I'm excited to learn from everyone and when I get a chance i'll post some pics. of my pieces and my favorite places to smoke. Thanks.

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