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Sour Livers & Blueberry Kush [autos]

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by HarveyHarvester, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. Greetings!
    I began soaking both seeds on 11/11.
    They germinated on 11/14 and were planted in fox farms ocean forest with a bit more perlite added.
    They both sprouted within 6 hours of each other on 11/16.
    Here we are at the end of week 1.

    (sour livers on the left, blueberry kush on the right)
    BK+SL-W01.D07 (1).JPG
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  2. End of week 2:
    Sour Livers:
    Blueberry Kush:
  3. Looking very green and healthy ;)
  4. Thank you!
    Beginning to see some problems tho... droopy leaves and brown spots. Have not given any nutes so far.
    Never grown autos before and was thinking i could just skip the grow nutes and go straight to bloom nutes as soon as i see signs of flowering. may give 'em a bit of cal-mag next watering tho.
  5. End of week 3 [day 21]:

    Sour Livers:

    Blueberry Kush:
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    Hey bud looking pretty good are you under the cobs? if you are I bet your light is just a bit too intense turn them down a bit esp when they are babys. then when they start to stack slowly turn it up from week 1 to 3 untill your 12 inches away. You can get within 8 inches with cobs.
    If they are getting too tall just blast em though mine got too tall this round.

    I had way better luck after starting mine under the t5s and then i was watching this led grower talking about how his plants were dropping from the leds being too intense.

    Now i have a par meter at 12 inches i get about 1200 par. I def was blasting way too much my first grow. Im gonna send you a podcast about led growing too. This guy has a lot of good info

    My t5 4 bulb 4 footer at 6 inches give 500 par the cobs at 24 are probably aorund 600 ill have to check that next round.
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  7. Thanks for the info frank. Having never used leds, i really don't know how close they should be.
    The cobs have always been set at 100% power since sprouts but i started 'em out at about 14 or 16 inches and now have them closer to 12" since flowers began forming.

    Having never grown autos before, am just letting them do their thing with no pruning, just trying to pull the shoots away from the main stem and out of the shade, but am not tying them down since it makes watering more difficult.
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    End of Week 4:
    The kush began flower development almost a week before the livers. Will likely have to shim the livers up since the kush's stretching has made itself a bit taller than the livers now.
    Sour Livers:
    SL-W04.D28 (2).JPG


    Blueberry Kush:
    BK-W04.D28 (2).JPG
  9. In veg they should be about 24 inches away of course you could just turn the light down. They deff look like they are a little stressed I think it's just too much light. I would recommend just raising it up to 24 and keeping it there for a few days then let it just grow into it.

    once they get into flower lets say like week 3-4 you can lower them to 12 inches. and the closest you can get is around 8 inches. you might be able to get a little closer even but the closest Ive been is 8 inches. Im running at 80 watts so a little stronger. If they are stretching too much for your space you have to blast them but try and ease them into it.

    but man what a difference from last week!
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    Ya thats way way too bright lol. at 14 inches they were probably getting around 1000 par they only need like 200-300 the first week. Then about 500 in veg.

    So next time keep that light at 24 inches. Most people run them at half power in veg too in that case you can probably keep them a little closer

    once this grow finishes Ill measure my light and have some more accurate numbers with my meter
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  11. End of week 5 (day 35 from sprout)
    (thought i'd try photos without the lights this time)

    The SL is shimmed up 6" so the kush is actually about 8" taller than the livers and am quickly running out of vertical space.

    BK+SL-W05.D35 (2).JPG .

    Sour Livers:

    Blueberry Kush:
    BK-W05.D35 (2).JPG
  12. Holy shit man those blow up nice looking way happier too i cant believ the diff keep doing what your doing man
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    Thank you frank.
    The kush is really stretching out... the livers... not so much so far. that plant is real bushy whereas the kush is much thinner with good light penetration throughout. if the SL was a photo, i would have pruned it but having never grown autos, just don't know if i should have.

    Just don't have time to learn like i used to so gotta go with what i know unless you guys tell me otherwise.
  14. They look really good good spacing getting a lot of light in there. Ya best to leave it alone maybe take off a few big fan leaves like a light thinning. My friend grow them once he got like 2 a plant they were mostly one big cola on each branch. so not much to trim off the bottom.
  15. End of week 6 (day 43):
    That closet hallway is too narrow to back up enough to get the whole plants in the frame.

    Blueberry Kush:
    Sour Liver:
    The kush is still outgrowing the liver, it is now shimmed up about a foot... I hope the kush stops growing vertically soon.. I am seriously almost out of vertical space to raise the light.
  16. Thats awesome makes sense kush can be stretchy im growing a haze blueberry crazy tall within 8 inches of the light in some places so youll be alright. They look like they are going to yeild really well
  17. Based on the narrow leaves, i think the kush has more sativa in it? and is why it is so much taller? i dunno.

    The autos have been much easier. Depending on yield, i may be done with photos.
    Only downside is, very little room for error/problems in their short life.
  18. Ya more sativa well see how the smoke is. Should be done stretching now maybe like 3 more inches max
  19. It's that time again... looks like they got a bit too warm... lowered the heat & raised the light all I could... can't raise it anymore without some sort of changes.

    End of week 7 (day 49)
    The livers are shimmed up 6", i measured it this time. needs more but is a bit wobbly now, we'll see, may try it.

    Sour Livers:
    W08.D49-SL (2).JPG
    And here's the kush, she's a show-off. lol.
    W08.D49-BK (3).JPG
  20. looks awesome that haze is a real winner. I wouldnt worry about the lights being too close Im at 8 inches currently I dont see any negative effects except they tend to purple out when they get so much light.

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