Sour Grape White Widow & OG Kush 5800w Grow

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    Sup guys ive been a long time lurker :) finally decided to get off my ass and post up some pics and create a grow journal for all of you guys. Dont have much pics for you guys hence im trying to get the flowering room environment room dialed in.

    im running
    2 4x2 8 bulb T5 fixtures
    2 Magnum XXXL 6 inch hoods (Veging)
    3 Magnum XXXL 8 inch hoods (flowering)
    5 Quantum 1000w ballasts
    3 Eye Hortilux HPS bulbs
    2 Sunmaster MH bulbs (however one looks cooler then the other)
    1 4 inch Vortex inline fan
    1 6 inch Vortex inline fan
    1 8 inch Vortex inline fan
    1 8 inch CanFan Max
    1 Can 33 (Veg room)
    1 Can 125 (Flowering room)
    and for C02 were running 2 tank regulator with a
    Sentinal CPPM-1 Monitoring System

    As Far as nutes & growing medium goes were running soil, Fox Farm OF mixed with Light Warrior 50/50 for veg. growth. The babies are then transplanted in to FFOF for there final stage of growth / Flowering. For nutes im running Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom as the base and all there damn additives you can think of :cool:
    Ill have a plant count for you guys later on in the day/week im headed out to a Advanced Nutrients demo/samples/promotions day at my local hydro store. Oh and both rooms are about 11x11x11. Hope you guys all enjoy!

  2. Very clean set-up there, as I'm impressed and subscribed to see how this turns out :smoke:

    Thanks for finally sharing your work, and If you don't mind, what's the background on the Sour Grapes and the type of OG you'll be running?
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    Wow hello, definitely subscribed to this grow. Like the choice of strains and you have the room I want. I think I probably learn a thing or two here. Plus rep for sure.
  4. Nice setup Derwench! I just started a white widow so I thought I'd check yours out. Didnt expect to see such a nice setup. Keep us posted! :smoke:
  5. H

    the cuts are all oaksterdamn cuts.... sour grapes come from sour diesel x chemdog x purple elephant.

  6. Thanks for the kind words.... ill def. keep everyone posted just got the electrician in to give me some more juice :) i just left the hydro store and advanced nutes were there handing out free liters of product! They gave me a new additive called Kushie Kush and i also got Bud Candy.
  7. 5800 watts ! ! !

    in the last pic have those three beautiful looking puppies got 1000w all to their self?? if so i like your style. will be watching this one:eek: through the cloud of smoke

  8. I have to transplant the rest of the plants to move them in to the flowering room... that extra hood keeps the temps up in the room. 5800w isnt even counting all the fans pumps etc, lol.
  9. oh i found where the big boys come to play

  10. New pics in the morning... and i gotta make that ///M payment ;)
  11. wow...
    this is gonna be interesting
    please update frequently:smoke:

  12. Sup guys hope you guys had a great weekend... i havent had a chance to snap pics of the flowering room but i will shortly! Lights go out way to early ;) anyways here are some new babies i got on monday, Sour Grape & White Widow clones. Also Attached is a Sour Grape Clone i stuck outside and forgot about (inside a red party cup still). As soon as i saw buds on her i ran to home depot for a bigger pot... hahahah shes in Fox Farm Ocean Forest & Fox Farm Light Warrior 50/50 mix, NO NUTES!!!!! On tap water, only Veg'd her for like 5 days.

    (Day 1 veging, first 4 trays from the left)
    For the first 5 to 7 days im feeding them RO with cal/mag, AN Revive, Canna Rhizotonic and AN Sensizym, PPM is at 290ish. Medium is FFOF and FF Light Warrior 50/50 mixed. I flushed the soil with straight RO before putting the clones in the pot so that they dont get burnt by the FFOF. I suck... electrical plugs on the floor, my electrician didnt get to finish on saturday.

    (14 Days of flowering OUTSIDE)
    Sour Grape that only Veg'd for 5 days... im going to brew her some nutes soon.
  13. Looks very nice
  14. Looks Awesome, I just started a Sour Grape grow, and I was wonderring on anything i Can expect from them. Like do they do well with topping, and How long is the Flowering period, thats actually all im really wondering at this moment. Thanks a bunch

  15. just know that sour grape grows tall they reach around 4 to 5 ft cant tell u what it smokes like jus yet because i havent harvested mine yet.:smoking:
  16. What's up man,I'm gonna pull up the chair and watch you out grow the us goverment.we need everyone to grow on this scale maybe the bitches migt realize they can't stop us and legalize the good ol danky doodle....lmao...serious man out grow them my chair blunt and a close eye on this one......purp
  17. looks like its going to be a fucking jungle in there....

  18. this looks interesting so which one is og kush? btw is og kush aka mango?
  19. no og is not mango..

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