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Sour Diesel

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Aho, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. I've been Smokin' Sour diesel for the past 3 weeks, you'd think i'd be sick of it by now?
    No actually, not at all. Best part about it, it's been 5 different batches!:smoke: Two of which were Bc grown. You guys ever binge on a specific strain?
  2. yep, i stick to a few strains usually. for the past like 3 weeks i had been smoking la confidential x trainwreck that was just amazing and never even wanted to pick up another strain

    the next batch i will have is almost done curing and im hoping its going to be the perfect sativa and has been a few years in the making process. its a cross between jack herer x ak-47(sativa pheno) and then crossed with kali mist x sour diesel.

    i am just overjoyed with excitement that it is almost ready to be smoked and tested out. im hoping its going to be a perfect sativa as we used our favorite sativa strains in the making of it :D
  3. I've got major jelly pants right now. If it were possible for me to have a constant supply of a strain of bud I would probably live out the rest of my days with train wreck. I love the head high and taste of a well grown batch of train wreck.
  4. I love Sour Diesel whenever I get it, its one of my favorites.

    Sixer, you have to do a smoke report when its done curing. That hybrid sounds great :smoke::hello:
  5. ahh man.. Sour D never stuck with me, hit that shit up twice expected to get blazzed but like the high wasnt that great. Shit was frosted to, kinda disappointed
  6. Sixer you just put my Mason jar to shame, can't wait to hear about the final product!:hello:
  7. Sour D has been in my town for a few weeks now aswell. Just cut my streak of 3 dubs of it and got a different type.
  8. Midwestern dank, take it you guys get a lot of OG as well?
  9. I usually get very dank buds that are typically no name but have recently been dealt some sour diesel aswell as strawberry cough. Ive smoked some "OG Kush" or so my friend said once and it was reallllly dank but idk if it really was or not.
  10. dude... same here.
  11. pics or it didnt happen :hello:
  12. nice i am getting some sour d here right now to im in minnesota
  13. never really a big fan of sour d......... but i love sour diesel trainwreck..... probs just cause i love trainwreck so much :hello:

  14. Lately on Chocolope, but I had some blueberry a while back and I am thinking it was the original DJ Short stuff because it was EXCELLENT. Wish I could find that again.
  15. #16 sixer, Feb 3, 2011
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2011
    thats a downer you guys didn't enjoy sour d too much. could have been a badly grown batch or something, or not true sour d.

    for me, its easily one of my favorite strains and very potent with a nice long heady high. and the taste is what i really like about it, very good stuff in my opinion. however, a lot of times sour d and NYC diesel are mixed up and considered the same strain, when they are not. and that being said, i have experienced some NYC diesel i didn't care for that much.

    johncain1: had some chocolope a few weeks back from a local dispensary, and man, that stuff was good too. a very nice sativa high, and great flavor. only picked it up the one time though. i probably will pick it up next time i see it, but i prefer some other sativas over this one
  16. Bought an 1/8 of Sour D in '07 at The Pharmacy in Santa Monica for $85. Most expensive bag of weed ever but one of the ..if not the best ever. Hail Hail Sour D

  17. Can i test it out with you? :ey:
  18. Dam thats alot! In OK City and Hog Town it roles for $60 or $65 :cool:

  19. I think I just dont like sativas all that much. Tried Rec cough around that same time and didnt think much of it. They both tasted great, ill give you that, but i like more of a put down weed. The stuff i got was greenish gray, a real mellow faded green but it was very frosted. I enjoyed the head high of the strawberry cough more have you ever tried that, how do they compare?

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