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Sour Diesel

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bostondutchmast, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. so this is some sour d i got....smells really skunky/diesel with fruity an eighth of this for 65 and this is what i have left...the guy i got this sd from is more for a persoanl stash and i grab kb from him so it was done as a favor

    heres the pics



  2. dear lord
  3. i love sour diesel. i dont know where your from so i cant say $65 is to pricey. but definitely good lookin buds man :smoking:

  4. 65 is pricey but i call this piff

    for regular headies you can get about 50 like kush n stuff like that but sour d is a lil pricey in massachusetts ive seen ounces go for 500-600 of sour

    normally i wouldnt pay more than 350 an o unless its some fire
  5. dank ass buds, 65 an eighth is straight around here for dank.
  6. Yes, in Jersey 65 for highest tier dank isn't uncommon.

    That doesn't look like an 1/8th though, looks like 2.5gs max

    So frosty +D

  7. thats only .5 or watever i smoked the rest already...and i had some some masterkush for 55 an eighth that i got along with it but thats gone too....picked them both up yesterday. and i traded a gram for something else.

    but 65 is very common but only if its piff....regular headies i wouldnt pay more than 50.
  8. i want some. nice pic up.
  9. Gotta love sour d, i might be picking some up soon. Great pick up!!!
  10. nice pick up mate
  11. Nice buds! LOoks like the SD i know and love. Reeks.

    Interesting, youre not the only one who waiting for that to come in....i heard theyre comin today along with some kali mist!
  12. ooooooohhhweeeeeee :smoke:
  13. Looks good, man.

    I remember around September of last year there was an influx of sour diesel around Boston. For my guy, it was considered what most people consider beasters. $50 a slice, I didn't mind :smoke:
  14. that shit looks very delicious.

  15. ooo gotta love sour D
  16. Yum that looks delicious i miss good sd. Nice pickup Id keep doing favors lol.
  17. Ayyyy, that sure does look like something i'm messing around with at the moment.

    Boston- A couple of days ago (prolly cause i copped some hash and because i've been getting a lot of zips from them consistently recently), my nyc service hooked me up with 36.4 grams for 475 of some fire sours.

    I haven't been posting any pics of my pickups recently cause it stinks up my whole floor lol. Gotta weigh this shit in the trunk of my car at 2am, etc etc...hate living at home. Coming your way soon, Bostonian.
  18. thats some quality dankness.

  19. thhats a great price for some sour....i wish i could get this consistanty but i only get a little here and there. sour d is one of my all time favorites because of the high taste n smeell.

  20. what do u mean sour diesel considered beasers..? i consider beasters to be kb and 30 a slice.

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