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sour diesel grow

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by tokingbuffalo, May 20, 2007.

  1. ok so along with my bagseed plants, i have one sour diesel seed from 2 gs of diesel i bought the other day. i planted it immediatley in MG seed start. nothing yet.. i'll keep you all posted right now its under a 30 watt soft white cfl but it will be going outside at some point. anything i need to know about this strain?... its the first weed ive attempted to grow thus far thats not bagseed and luckily its sour diesel which is the best weed ive ever had.
  2. ok so just checked on the SD... the seed has popped open overnight... and so the journey to the ultimate dank nugs begins....dundundun. lets all just cross our fingers that its a girl.
  3. i figured id get some replies as im actually growing a real strain this time, sour diesel, not just bagseed. well,whatever, btw it is growing, fast, ittl be outa the dirt by tomorrow for anyone who cares. peace
  4. you growin guerrila or under the eye?
  5. u goin to get pics?
  6. How do you know its growing fast if it hasn't popped up yet? I love SD hope you get a girl lets see some pics!!!:devious:
  7. yeah spud i will and i'll show a pic of my lst bagseed plants too. The diesel seed sprouted today, and i put it in the soil on friday that seems fast to me. i dunno i guess dank seeds just sprout faster than bagseeds... this grow is going to be conducted in various wooded spots around town, the sour diesel and the best of the bagseed plants will be grown in the safest possable place, and under the best possable conditions, the others will be pretty much on their own somewhere else.... but right now and until i can get a lift to the spots, theyre inmy windowsill and under a cfl on a shelf... ok, now for a bowl and some pics....
  8. ok i was so high last night so i neglected to take the pics and just passed the hell out. so i'll go do that now
  9. Bagseeds can harvest some great bud if tended properly. You're lucky to have gotten a seed from the diesel, seeing in how those genetics can really cost you from a seedbank.

    Good luck
  10. both the pics are pics of all the plants the sour diesel sprout is marked with the green SD. notice the excessive LST on all the plants. in pic #1, notice the topped bagseed plant in the bottom right and in the bottom center on the second pic.
    for both the pics heres some info on the plants:
    the biggest 6 plants consist of 1. heavily indica bagseed, 1 mexican sativa bagseed plant, 2 Arizona Fire bagseed sativas and one topped indica dominant bagseed plant.
    the younger ones are 1 indica dom bagseed sprout and 1 Sour Diesel.
    General info:
    Soil: Miracle Gro organic seed starer for all in peat-pots and he one in the clay pot is in is a mix of cactus soil, coarse sand, and a little scotts soil.
    The bagseed plants in peat pots are about 2 months old, the plant in the clay pot is about a week and a half. and the Sour diesel sprouted yesterday.
    enjoy me grow, peace.

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  11. Good luck with the lst. I just finished up my first attempt and it is deff. the way to go. My only concern with yours is they look really stretched. You should have leaves all along your stem.
  12. MG soil? I hope you aren't planning on running the plant through all the stages of the grow in that stuff. I've seen some good results starting off, but the nitrogen lock destroys them once they really start sucking up the juice.

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