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Sour diesal no pics more of a discussion

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SortaStoner, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. So I'm on the east coast and diesal is pretty well known in these parts. So today I went with my dealer to go to a grower. He was buying his own stash and brought me a long since he had to get more weed. Anyway, I got to meet the grower who was a pretty cool dude and maybe a possible connection later on :) He had like a shit ton of sour diesal that he recently grew and sold me 2gs for 10! It was dope so I smoked a blunt with my dealer for bringing me along and then we parted way and I just smoked the other gram with my bud out of his bong (no pun) and I'm feeling fucking great. Has to be one of my best feeling highs ever. I ripped a bong three hours ago and I'm still feeling good :smoke:
    Just maybe wanted to hear some sour diesal reviews on how your experience with it was!

    Gonna buy some maybe in 2 days so ill post pics of the beautiful bud then!
  2. Ah, good ol sour deez... Isnt too common around here, but when I come across it, it must be savoured.
    I got to NYC once a year and always grab some for a few bowls while I'm there. Last year I smuggled some back up here just to vape :ph34r:.
    its like you guys have as much sour down there as we have kushes up here.
  3. I would get Sour Diesel every couple of months back in Houston. Shit would be smelling all skunk-like, with them greenish crystals... Oh man I'd like some of dat.

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