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"sour deisel"?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by zackuray, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Just picked this up. 20/g =[ Crystals are a little clumped together. smells good and cant wait to try it. ill get back after my session.

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  2. 20 a g is about right for Sour Diesel, especially around NJ/NY...that looks amazing, definitely Sour D look.
  3. That looks like some nice stuff you've got there. Being in the UK I've never had a chance to try Sour Diesel. You'll have to let me now how it smokes :)
  4. just picked up a zip of sour diesel a few days ago...stuff look jus like that..
  5. looks pretty frosty. :smoking:
  6. Shits triched out man nice pickup but 20/g thats steep.
  7. A quality batch is sure to fuck you up.
  8. Alright so lately all i have been using was a home made grav bong because they rip. But today i decided i would use my bowl(picture). The high is great and i"m feeling really toasted right now. Its a definite body high because i can feel it strong there. Pretty nice day out and i"m just observing nature. All the picture are taken of me hanging out my 2nd story window. No screen so i can blow smoke out and so i can hang out it. Great view too.
    Very high now.

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  9. Lookin good my friend
  10. That's the weird thing, and from searching it seems like people here are getting mixed results.

    The high is cool, but I always thought that SD was more of a sativa dominant. However I've also heard from others that theirs felt more indica dominant (which seems to be your case).

    Oh well, either way, happy tokin.
  11. Looks dank to me.
  12. #12 stake, Jun 5, 2009
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    looks like exactly what i have. picked up an onion when i saw this shit
  13. BUMP

    Just did grav hits. So much betterr
  14. The sour diesel high is pretty hybrid to me...sativa for sure, makes you laugh and enhances your senses...but also has indica properties. I'm sure that each batch is different and each persons' high is different. It's potent, that's what matters...and since it's so potent it's bound to have multiple effects...right?
  15. definately some fire..

  16. Yeah it's definitely a hybrid. It does have indica properties to it but I'm just saying every "sour diesel" strain I've gotten has a very apparent sativa dominance with a slight feeling of body high.

    Yeah it's strong and I'm not saying it's bad bud, I love it! (in fact that's what I'm smoking right now lol) :)

    Again, it's all good, happy tokin :smoking:
  17. Yeah, I guess but the type of high will change drastically regarding when it was harvested, what colour the trichs were, how it was cured etc. Although it is meant to be a sativa dominant hybrid I bet it could feel more 'indica like' if you havested it late on and cured it for ages.

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