Sour D. Auto Issues

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  1. Day 40 from veg
    Using FFOF/soil & perlite in 3 gal pot
    1-300w GalaxyHydro @ 18" from top
    PH is good...consistent 6.5
    Gave 1 very very light feeding of FoxFarm trio about 2 weeks ago when it started yellowing...has gotten worse.

    Flushed with ph'd dist. past weekend
    ppm coming out on flush was 355 ph 6.5

    the leaves are increasingly yellowing and getting some decay it looks like around the main cola...plant overall is a little pale...tht maybe light burn.

    any ideas?

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  2. In 3 gal. of FFOF you'll run into deficiencies at day 35-40. After that you'll need to give consistent feedings, usually watering 1-2 times before giving nutes again.
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