sould this go down?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by firewall1, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. tomorrow i will be knocking a EX friends ass around, the reason for this is a girl. i was hitting on a girl a while ago. and blah blah blah. he says that ive been calling her my girl, to her new boyfriend, this is utter bullshit. hes just trying to get me beaten up.

    so tomorrow i will be going to school. and knocking his ass down. not because i want this girl in any way shape or form. but because hes been talking his fair share of shit.

    justified ass beating? yes or no?
  2. Sure,go for it.
  3. wait youre gonna beat the boyfriends ass or the x friend's?

    and if you arent gonna get fucked up then dont go starting shit and just let youre x friend run himself into the ground by constantly talking shit about you
  4. justified. make sure he doesnt walk after your done.
  5. Yea.. why not wait until after school?
  6. break his legs (n)igga.

    dont take no shit, fuck that pussy up
  7. x friends ass, and hes been talking shit. but this is the last straw. im not gonna let this go on till im getting gang beaten. im finishing this tomorrow.

    and im doing it before school. me and my friend are bringing him to the closeby alleyway. my friend will be staying out of the fight ofcoarse.

    and i guarantee, he wont walk.

    me and my friends have a bit of a saying "liars will be dealt with accordingly"
  8. hahaha "bringing him to the closeby alleyway"...

    "..sure why not, id love to go to a closeby alley way with two dudes i got a feud with.."
  9. do work kid.
  10. well i mean its not like he has a choice XD. i dont mind a suspension for this. but im sure he would be kicked out. hes on a contract that states he wont commit any misconduct, most of my friends are. i was lucky and didnt have to sign one though.

    and thats exactly how ill explain it. stay here get your ass beat and gone. or come with us get your ass beat and go on with the rest of your day. well.. more or less.
  11. Kick some fucking ass
  12. If he's been talking shit behind your back then obviously he deserves what's coming.
  13. if ur really gonna fight this kid I would recommend doing it somewhere other than school.
  14. why?

    in our school. fights happen frequently. easily 2-3 times a month in public. so it doesnt matter to me either way.

    and an interesting side note.

    hes my ex friend for dating my ex girl the day after we broke up, and throwing a lighter at my eye when i wouldnt smoke him all the sesh weed after showing up randomly at our other friends house.(i was already gonna let him hit the bubbler that had another 2 bowls ready to be loaded. but i had rolled a 1.5 blunt for me and a girl i was hitting on)

    and btw i know if my ex girl decided to agree on a date then it didnt matter. its more then he asked her out rather then her accepting.
  15. Take it to em bro, let us know what happens
  16. Film it for us.
  17. Do it. Ill laugh if you get ur ass kicked.

  18. Be funny if half way through you saying that he snaps a jab out and knocks you the fuck out! Never EVER tell someone you wanna fight, you just walk up and hit a mofo!
  19. okay, but make sure you finish your pre algebra homework first
  20. [ame=]YouTube - It's always sunny in Philadelphia-Dayman[/ame]
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