Soul Caliber IV vs. Civilization Revolution

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by holyrollers, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. So, I have one of the most important decisions in my life... should I get soul caliber IV or Civilization Revolution for my birthday? All the rest of my birthday spendings are going to booze, since I'm turning 21.. so this will be a critical decision!

    SCIV seems like a game to play if you're stoned and don't want to think. Civilization seems like the game to play if you're stoned and want to think.
  2. play the demo's then decide, personally I would get SC4 but thats me.
  3. Shamelessly bumping this thread.
  4. I haven't played either, but I'm going to get Civilization. I hear its a great console adaptation, and I bet its awesome blazed. I'm guessing online battles will be epic? I've never played the original.

    Fighting games get boring to me.
  5. SC4 looks pretty good, personally not into sim or rts games.... so my input is bad :confused:

    fighting games do get boring quick tho.... especially if you are playing them alone
  6. Drop both, get some more beer, or preferably some more smoking goodies.

    Casual gaming deserves piracy, it's just a waste of time :)
  7. i'd go with both, but since you like civilization i'd pick that one over soul me i'm way to impatient to enjoy a game like civilization, I want to get into a game like that, but its hards (I loved risk, but sucked at it haha)
  8. The original ones on the PC were very fun to play. I could see myself possibly getting bored with SC IV, but at the same time.. I have female roommates that love Soul Caliber and want me to get that over Civ..

    Civilization can be a long game, but I heard the games are much shorter on the console than the old PC games. Also, it's not like Risk where you have to just suck it up and play through.. you can save your game and start again later.

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