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  1. My seedlings have been getting tall without much progress on the leafs, I'm using a 600 watt bulb about 4 foot away. I'm quite concerned. How can I fix this ?

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  2. Seedlings (the first week of growth after being put into soil or grow media) need more heat than light. Your light is too far away and the plants are stretching to reach it. Bring it down closer to stop the stretch, but it might be too hot on your plants if they're very young. The further away from the plant the light is, the less good the plant gets from it and the more it will stretch to try and reach it. Read up on how to handle the lighting for your plant. TWW
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  3. Seedlings don't need nearly that much light, but they are stretching for it because it is so far. Just like what TWW said, they need to be kept warm and close to low intensity lighting to avoid legginess. If the stretching is too bad, you can use a household paperclip or toothpick to prop it up. A light breeze (like a fan) will help strengthen the stalk if it's already stretched.
  4. I suggest using CFL's for seedlings - they're not hot so you can put them close and it will eliminate stretching.
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