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  1. Hi guys, long timenough lurker finally took the plunge. This site is such a wealth of knowledge and advice, was wondering if some kind people can give me some advice. I'm debating what to do with my next grow, I just purchased a viper600w led as well as some airpots 5x10l 1x30l I have a 80x80x180 tent and 5 inch extractor and carbon filter. Grow in soil, with bio bizz nutes. Was thinking how I could maximise my yield with this set up. Should I do one big plant in the 30litre or the 5 in a ten litre. I also have a 100x100x200 with 6 inch and 400 watt hps that I have 3 incredible bulks 5 weeks in to flower at the moment in 11 litre pots. I'm a total Virgin when it comes to led and airpots, and scrog or lollipopping or any type of training. Thanks in advance good people.:)
  2. Should have had a better title! Lol.
  3. Hi Bro'
    I'm doing a similar grow with biobizz soil and nutes here
    If it was me I'd go for the 5 plant grow, it gives you more room to screw up! I topped the four large plants in the pic shortly after it was taken. It's the first time I've tried any growth control, I only grew autos before and as I understand things it doesn't really help them. Can't wait to see how the airpots work though, why not just let them grow out normally and see if it's better than the other grow?
  4. They looking lovely mate, I've topped outdoors before and had mixed results. I've been gardening about 5 years, and normally pull a oz to a oz and half a plant each time, I was just thinking of 1 in the 30litre veg for 4 weeks top it the once and see how she goes under the 600 led. Stil debating though lol.
  5. I've always like to experiment, but always chicken out, but now I have the 600 led and the 80x80x180 tent I don't mind experimentation, lol. Thanks for the link man, thinking of vegging 5-6 weeks and topping. Should be interesting. Lol
  6. Why not start a journal if you do...
  7. I'd do the 5.

    You have enough space, and it'll be less veg time to get a nice even canopy vs 1 plant...

    Good luck dude! Make a journal!
  8. Thanks guys, Il finish the 3 incredible bulks now, I have 4 afghan kush vegging will put them in the 100x100x200 and may experiment with the other with the 600 led and 30litre pot. Thanks for advice guys, I prob will keep a diary.
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    I don't understand why you would need anything over 20L pots, 5gal us. I veg for 8 weeks using 5 gallon 20L give or take some bad conversion math. I haven't had any trouble with root bound issues, 16weeks start to finish, I do understand the more root space the better. However with indoor growing given enough space always better to grow max number of equal size plants as possible. Experiments sound like fun but as you say you chicken out, that's your gut saying don't fing do it. There is plenty of data out there for you to be able to look into. It tells us that 20L containers more plants and 1-2 months veg time is the best result method. Unless of course you are outdoor growing which is a different ballgame. Led grow lights also do not penetrate like hid lighting monster plants will not perform as well under led. You say 600w led is that true watts or advertised wattage?
    Lollipopping, super cropping, lsting, and fim are all important training methods to research and take advantage of. Esp since you are using led and 400w hid, the shorter and better controlled you can keep your canopy the better your plants are going to do.
  10. Thanks for the input man, I've never trained any plant just let nature take its course. That's what I ment when experimenting. 4 plants in that space gets overcrowded, that's why I'm thinking of just going with the one big beast under the 600 led and maybe doing some sort of training. Can't see what harm it would do trying for one big plant under in a 30litre, in the 80x80x180.
  11. No harm I just don't think you get the same kind of yield, are you talking about inches or cm? 80inches is a good size grow area. If we are talking in cm than its small for sure. In that case I would go for two plants with some training that way if a plant goes weak or you run into an issue you are not dead in the water.
  12. It's cm boss, I normally do 4 in my 100x100x200 and that's a little overcrowded for my liking. Maybe 2 in 20 litre airpots topped, in my 80x80x180. You think that be cool,Under the 600 led?
  13. Yeah I think now your talking man, just make you take full advantage of training methods or you will most likely end up with less yeild than your old four crowded plants.
  14. What type of training would you recommend boss? Like I say I'm a Virgin when it comes to any type of training. I have topped plants outdoors with mixed success before though.
  15. I super crop, lollipop, lst and fim. Basically I let the girl get like 6 nodes than I fim which is a lot like topping just not as aggressive on the plant. Let it recover from that and start super cropping the main stem to toughen it up and increase its nutrient moving ability. As my new two tops come in I use both super cropping and lst tie down to keep the girl growing more tops and keep it shorter. Work it in a circle the best you can, always super crop tops at equal spots on your girl. Keep tape handy for super cropping just tape the girl back up if you break the outer stem. It sounds rough but really once they are Vegging it doesn't slow them down. After about a month I start to lollipop, 4-6 weeks in take all low side branch growth right off. Use them for clones, cut away a few inches of large fan leaves so it's easier to water and less likely for pests. A month in I top the girls again giving me four main tops. Keep tying down Super cropping and circling your main branches around. 7days before u switch to flower take all spindly low growth off. Less popcorn bud more energy for main shoots.

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  16. Interesting, seems like a lot of work though lol, I work long hours:( those plants look neat though buddy. Maybe il crop the once and let. This bud is from my last grow, cut a week early. Due to various problems, cracking smoke though; )

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  17. It is a lot of work, add in ph balancing watering nute mixing, I spend one or two hours in the grow room a day. I also work long days so I know what it is like to not have e energy to spend. Scrogging basically accomplishes the same thing as I am doing. Compared to just letting a plant grow I would say that the training doubled my thickness of buds. Of course they are shorter buds than the taller wild plants, so really it's a cheap shoot. There is definitely nothing wrong with that big bud esp when time and stress are factored in. Scorching ways seemed like an attractive plan to me but not being able to move the Plants in my limited space grow was really why I didn't go with this method. In my 4x4' tent 1.2 m2 roughly I have to literally tuck the branches in to shut my door.

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