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Sorry, I think I already know the answer but...(drug test ?)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DanklinDanks, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Of course. It's another "will I pass or not" question but I seriously need some opinions since I'm a loner. I've been smoking for about 2 weeks, with about a bowl everyday or so of some really loud bud. I'm in shape and I plan on using a sauna sometime this weekend as well as taking Niacin and Vit. B with B-12 in it. And a 3 day detox kit along with drinking water everyday. Should I risk it or not? I BELIEVE it's a piss test although not completely sure. I've done the synthetic urine route and will travel to it again if you guys believe I need to.

    I know I'll be getting tested within 2 weeks. Could be 14 days could be 7, as I'm leading my training program right now, she said sometimes they hire the excelling people before they finish it.

    Let me know what you guys think. All love.
  2. niacin and the detox kit wont help much. I don't think youll pass in 2 weeks though if you've been smoking everyday
  3. They should really make a separate drug test forum as there's like 35 threads on it every day
  4. I figured so, I didn't want to be another one but I kind of needed some insight
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    How much and how often did you smoke before smoking for 2 weeks straight?
    What's your height and weight as well?

    Heres my expirience with getting clean recently...
    I'm 5'9 and 190lbs. Mainly fat over muscle. I didnt smoke for 3 months and was completely clean of any THC metabolites. I smoked about a little over half a gram myself rolled in a blunt for 2 days and then stayed clean after that. I did not work out or change up my eating habits at all. After 16 days I tested myself and still failed a test. (first check cup tests from walmart which cost 12-13 bucks - Cutoff level 50ng) After that I was worried I'd fail a probation test so I did research and copped me a detox drink called Qcarbo16 and tried it out. I drank it, and downed around 6 bottles of water after, pissed 3 times and then tested myself and passed with flying colors. *All this drink does is dilute your urine and hold the color to be yellow to not make it suspicious when being tested that you did try and dilute it* Now this was only because I was close to cut off levels of the 50ng. After 2-3 days I tested myself again without using the drink and passed and was completely clean. So just for smoking a little over half a gram myself, it took around 17-19 days to be out of my system with no effort to get clean. Now if you try harder and workout more and change your eating habits, you possibly can speed this process up depending on how much you smoked before that. I smoked for a year straight before quitting for 3 months cuz of probation. It took me 6 weeks to get clean after smoking daily for about a year. My best advice man is to get that drink or any type of detox that dilutes your urine... drink it and down a shit ton of water and also take Super B complex vitamins which cost like 5 bucks at walmart and test it out yourself to see if you'll come up clean and also ABSTAIN FROM SMOKING from now on until tested lol. I say wait 3 days and then try the method out and test yourself rather than do it automatically just to give your body some time abstained.

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