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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by detailed one, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. The thread I posted 3 days ago about me getting beat up...

    Sorry I couldn't deliever (No Phone) I was but I moved on quick notice to Alberta Kelowna is too bullshit for me..

    The guy is lucky for me to be the bigger man and not kill him (Sorry mods)
    Well my eye is fine and I'm doing all good I won't be posting much since I got nothing except the clothing on my back.

    So keep happy guys and i'll be lurking on my friends phone...

    Peace and Pot to you all!

  2. thug it out my man.
  3. I feel like a liar if I didnt post my face up it's jacked up...

    and no im no thug but...I needed to bail out so I let the dude beat on me in the face.
  4. I was just saying good luck on the road

    but let me get this straight your leaving town cause some guy beat your face ?
  5. That would be a stupid thing to do...

    Lets say to much bullshit there, whole mess of bullshit.

    Me and my girlfriend what had problems (posted about it before) need to work on things the guy she left me for was 1. a drunk 2. raper 3. stalker.

    I may be a chump for going back to her but i'm not letting this shit happen I coulda did major damage to this guy but we needed leave town for her safety (Her family lives here).

    So I'mma look out for her...
  6. good shit mann. vibes to you
  7. Good luck with your journeys man, hope you have an easier future.

    Peace :bongin:

  8. :hide:
  9. if i remember correctly isnt he the guy who was broke and couldnt pay rent and shit and was going to hop a train to arizona for the winter or some shit?

    Edit, gettin my shit confused.

    You're a pretty humble guy. power to you, man, thats pretty honorable what you did.
  10. I will enjoy my adventure blades wish me luck I'm staying with her family at the moment till I get my paperwork sent here and switched to an Alberta citizen, the weed here is garbage might have to make round trips every month.

    I have no fucking wintercoat so it's fucking cold... I get paid on friday or some shit so new coat and some boots...
  11. Do you still have Nigel dude?

    If you can give me a nearby post office, I'll ship a coat to you, no joke.
  12. Sadly he's staying with someone else till I can get him here.

    But he's in good hands at the moment.
    He's in Kelowna closest post office is in rutland.

    and I'm low on cash.
    Heres the little bugger....before I trimmed him.

  13. Excellent picture! Post it in the "mom got rid of my dog" thread too. :D

    I'm all for giving up my stuff to help others, so if you need anything from a fellow Blade, let me know dude.
  14. What's your plan?

  15. Where in Alberta are you? The weather up here has been pretty lousy as well.
  16. detailed one, someone, somewhere on the other side of the universe, has been having an awful lot of good luck lately.
  17. Sending all my good vibes to you man
  18. -20 something here at the moment i'm about 10-20 minutes away from WEM snowing is a bitch I need to get a wintercoat because its fucking COLD!!!

    Bump to say Hello guys since i'm not kicing it much on GC still getting my paperwork and shit sent here.

  19. Hope you're doing okay man. I've got a coat sitting in my closet for you right now if you want it.
  20. Yo i'd so take it...but at the moment I don't know my mailing address...Kinda living out of my bags in a living room...

    I need a toke...but can't...:mad: Anti weed house which is whatever

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