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Discussion in 'General' started by joneeearthquake, Sep 2, 2007.

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  1. tho everyone in emosteves thread that recently got closed it was me posing as DUNCE867 and for that I am sorry it got out of hand and should have just given myself up in the beigenning and maybe we could have laughed about but I decided not to I am sorry for my childish behaviour and hope there are no hard feeling. I just thought I should setup like an adult before RFMJL ban me on the final note GRASSCITY I AM SORRY
  2. Oh, what a silly goose.
  3. Uhh, Dont ya get deleted/banned for having more then one username/using both...?!?!
  4. yeah, um...what the fuck are you talking about? :confused:
  5. good job confessing man now you just got to face the music. what was the point of doing that though if may ask?
  6. pure stoned bordem plus I can be immautre at times...
  7. what kind of asshole would do that?

  8. yes a ban has already been put into act
  9. And i assume this username \'joneearthquake\' will be banned fairly soon.
  10. so you hacked his password?
  11. ^Naa, I think more of a alter-ego.

  12. I know it will that what the posts about apologizing before i\'m kicked
  13. You took that way too far. :mad:

  14. And i too have a feeling jonee will be banned too......

    That wasnt cool man, albeit amusing as hell lol......but you need to grow up, if your bored go outside, ride a bike, play sure you can think of something better to do than sit around on aim fucking with fellow stoners......
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