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  1. I'm just wondering how much rep and how many posts and all that stuff I need to have until Rep I give to people effects their rep. Is that a secret or can someone at least give me a ballpark.
  2. I'm pretty sure it's a combo involving how much rep you have, number of posts and how long you have been a member. :)

    No idea of exact numbers tho.
  3. You need a light green bar and x amount of posts and need to have been a member for x amount of time in order for your rep to count. It explains it in the Reputation FAQ sticky.
  4. it's rummy's secret formula.. more secret than that of the KFC chicken spices that are in that batter.

  5. Shh man! :poke: You've already said too much. ;):p

    Mmmm KFC. :yummy: I'm munchying HARD this evening. :(
  6. I dare you, more secret than coca-cola secret recipe and google's search algorithm formula


  7. I am not sure of the Coke recipe, but after working at KFC, there flour mix has alot more than 11 herbs and spices. The ingredients in those packets and the small boxes of stuff we mix into that flour could be classified as a short story.

    I do know Rummy's formula is as secret as some of my genetics.

  8. So I'll always give people neutral rep until then? Makes the rep system feel a little useless for me :(
  9. You will give out neutral rep until you get a light green bar and have x amount of posts and have been around x amount of time. Don't worry about it, we all started the same way and you will work your way up soon enough. It should be the thought that counts anyways.

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