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  1. California to layoff over 20,000

    So what, we're either gonna have complete social unrest.. or they can legalize an already pusdo-legal industry in the state to help make some money for they broke ass'.

    whudduya thinks gonna happen first?
  2. Since Uncle Barack would never sell-out his friends in the prison industrial complex, pharmaceutical, tobacco/alcohol or hemp substitute industries...

    It looks like you'll be heading for social unrest! Make us proud, California.

  3. This is a pure Schwartzeneggar original film, "Terminator 9: The State Must Die!"

    If anyone remembers, he was elected on promises to balance the budget, if he does nothing else, he promised us, we will balance the budget!!!!!!:D

    He's a funny motherfucker. But unfortunately he's a pretty terrible governor.

    He's vetoed the Industrial Hemp legalization bill, twice. He's never produced anything at all like a balanced budget. And, He's vetoed the Medical cannabis worker's rights bill.

    What else can we say but give him the door, and every other legislator in this state...Obama has nothing to do with California's problems, actually. Mickey Mouse thinking, on the other hand...

    But its funny when you realize, that California has more people than Iraq or Afghanistan, but still only has two votes in the Senate.

    California feeds America, and weeds America.
    But if you cut her, then she bleeds America.
  4. Federal law trumps state law, you will never have a successful industry operating against DC cronyism.
  5. are any of you even from cali...
  6. You might want to check the success of the California Medical Cannabis industry, before you state this, I'd say it's proof positive, that the feds laws are much weaker than you believe.

    California's gold financed the Unions victory in the Civil War, and the weed can finance a revolution, if necessary.

    D.C., will always try to fuck things up, but out here, we've got millions off the grid and growing, so all the laws have been moot. They keep on hacking away, but this is a hard grapevine to kill, and sneaky.

    "Out here in the fields, I fight for my meals..."
  7. I'm aware of the steps Cali has made, but as the OP said, its only pseudo-legal as made evident by still weekly DEA raids.

    I lived in Colorado for 4 years where we legalized pot in Denver in 2005 and made huge steps on statewide ballots in years after. Yet the state is still told to enforce Federal law before state law.

    You're gonna need to either convince Obama to stop the raids and change Federal law, or reestablish state control over substances via the 10th amendment.

  8. social unrest

    I kinda think its funny. i live in pa and i always been jealous of ppl in cali cuz there isn't much money in pa. but now, this shit isn't really effecting my area because were used to the lack of jobs. we been having a high unemployment rate sinse steel mills left in the 70s
  9. Dude you also got the Amish and Quakers to watch your back when TSHTF. They know whats up. ;)
  10. For those of you from other states, this is pretty easy explanation of what we're facing, why and what is being done to alleviate the pain.

    This crisis is many years old, and is totally the responsibility of the incompetent boobs who run this place, FROM this place.

    And yes, I'm here in paradise right now.:smoke:

  11. United we stand... united we fall.
  12. Ask anybody from Oaksterdam, and San Francisco, Humboldt county, down to San Diego Bay, and they will tell you, that where the green flowers grow, our survival instinct is stronger than the pig's will to feast.

    I live within an hour of the capitol building, and I have demonstrated many times on the steps of the capitol, and I will do it again if I get asked to. Which will be very soon, I believe.

    Power to the purple.;)
  13. I say sell it back to the Mexicans for seriously.:wave:
  14. What area of Pa do you live in?
  15. the fool's golden state
  16. Brilliant suggestion, and if we consider that every thing you say is usually wrong, then we should actually buy Mexico, for the weed!

    (For the record, your brilliance, Mexico never owned California...are you surprised you are wrong again? Tsk, Tsk)
  17. UM.. you do realize i was joking right? Boy you must really dislike me, i'm hurt.:D
  18. Oh, that was a joke? Well done, I bet we'll have you speaking in tongues, soon.

    I could no more dislike you, than I could dislike kelp, you both make such high quality fertilizer, and at such tremendous depths.

    California's Kelp industry, I may owe you an apology.:cool:
  19. I understand and its OK, you just lack the intelligence and inability to distinguish politics from attacks on personal character which inhibit your ability to debate. Its OK, we all need to be more tolerant and understanding of the feeble minded, such as yourself.

    But if you can try and concentrate a little harder I'm sure the OP would appreciate your trying to stay on subject and not focus on your fascination with me.

    Thank You:wave:
  20. California according to the news I just listened to has the 8th largest economy in the world, these numbers seem high but they are on par with the rest of the US.

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