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Discussion in 'General' started by TheHempress, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. Man, it's 2 AM and I'm so bored
    I'm out of weed
    I can't sleep
    No cigs
    Nothing on tv

    ARGH!!! I'm so bored!!!!
  2. Its 1am here and I'm bored too. What do you want to talk about? I'll talk to you!
  3. I dunno...where are you that it's 1am?
  4. ha ha in Iowa. Where are you?
  5. I'm in Pennsylvania
  6. well sorry you are out of weed and cigs. I'm pretty high-I got some really good bud last night. If you were a little closer I'd bring you a joint and a cigarette-but they are menthols. I just got done watching "half Baked"
  7. Yeah, I wouldn't be out of weed if my mom told me about the money I dad sent my mom a check for 600 dollars and told her to give me 400 of it...I didn't know about it until a couple of hours ago when my dad called and asked if I got my money :p

    man, if he called me a couple of hours earlier my mom could have gone to the bank and I could be not bored right now

  8. So how old are you? What do you do? how often do you smoke? Anything else you want to tell me. I'm bored too. Unless you don't want to talk to me but I'm not a crazy person and I'm a girl so don't worry. I was watching this thing on HBO about these gross serial killers who were cannibals-so freaky and disgusting but it compelled me to watch.
  9. I'm 19, I am currently between jobs, and when I can afford it I smoke at least a couple times a day, the key phrase being 'when I can afford it'

    No, I want to talk to you...I hope I didnt give off the impression that I didn't want to

    so how old are you? how often do you smoke?

    BTW, Half Baked is soooo awesome, but my friend Crystal is borrowing my copy...bummer.
  10. i guess I'm an old lady but I don't feel or look like I'm this old-I'm 29 and I smoke 4-5 times a week. I got married when I was your age for the first time so I'm reliving my youth now since I didn't do much bad stuff back then. How do you smoke?
  11. I usually like to smoke J's, or my glass spoon....lately I've been feeling creative..I built 3 bongs this week, all of them sprung a leak :(
  12. Cool I would have no idea how to do that(build a bong). I usually smoke J's and I used to have a pipe but it got ruined
    so I think I'm gonna order a few from here because its so much easier to pack a bowl. So whats it like where you live-how much do you pay for an 1/8th? Tell me something interesting bout yourself.
  13. Ummm...interesting, hmmmm...that's a tough one....

    Anyway around here 1/8ths go for 20 for schwag, 25 for mids (my special price) and 50 for nug''

    Well, I'm moving to Florida in April, I guess that's interesting, and I once faked my own death ( it only worked for about a week)
  14. That is interesting. I gotta go to bed. I have to get up with my little ones in the morning. But if you don't care I will send you a pm soon and we can talk again. How and why did you fake your own death? That blows my mind......What in Florida?
  15. LOL...if you're on your way to bed I'll explain about the death thing some other's a VERY long story

  16. CONTRADICTION - The incompatibility and evident opposition of two ideas which are the subject of one and the same proposition.

    Haha :smoke:
  17. You faked your own death!? Why? How? I'm confused!
  18. Well if you are implying that being a girl and being crazy go hand in hand well you are just a poop butt. There are alot more crazy men in this world than woman. Like if your child gets lost somewhere and they need help you are supposed to teach them to find a woman to help them because a woman is much more likely to be a good person than a man. How many woman pedophiles or serial killers to you hear of? (I'm not really offended because I know you are joking but I just wanted to prove my point)

  19. oi really! thats the shit, me too

    im in pittsburgh \o/\o/

  20. ok, let's hear the story of how The Hempress faked her own death.

    Anyway, back in May I just got out of an intense relationship, and yes, I admit, I was kinda on the rebound and desperate. So I called an old boyfriend of mine and we decided to try again. Well, a week goes by and my mom kicked me out of the house...I forget why. So I asked my 'new' boyfriend if I could stay with him. So I moved to his house and after a while I started to remember why we broke up in the first place...he's soooo annoying. Well, I didn't want to dump him again, b/c last time he was really heart-broken over it, and I couldn't just go home, so my friend Holly decided to help me fake my own death and run the time, it seemed like my only option. So I cut my thumb and splattered a little bit of blood on the wall and cut up some of my clothes, snuck out the back door with all my stuff and Holly picked me up and took me to her apartment (the one in Carlisle). John (the guy I ran from) called the cops to report me missing, b/c no one but Holly and her family knew where I was. They started thinking that he killed me! They actually got dogs and searched the revine behind his house for my body. The detective I talked to later said if they found me John would have been arrested for murder. Anyway, I started to feel bad about it all, because everyone in my family, all my friends, they all thought I was dead. So I went to the police station and turned myself in. They even let me keep the missing person poster that they made for me...if I had waited 2 more days to turn myself in they were going to have a story on the news about it.

    anyway, that's what happended...very crazy. when my mom buys our new scanner I'll post the missing person's poster. Just so you know ahead of time, they could only find a picture of me when I was 16...I was 18 when all this stuff happended, and I'm 19 now, so the picture on the poster is a little old, I don't look like that anymore (I lost a lot of weight :) )

    stylez---I'm from Lancaster, PA

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