Sooooo anyone here go to Georgia Tech by any chance?

Discussion in 'General' started by EP879, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. This is my first semester here as a freshman. Whatup?
  2. Used to, now I'm at GSU. This is strange, seems like a lot of people from GA visit these forums.
  3. Ah, word. What happened? What are the prices like around here?
  4. tech sucks. HAHAA nah i got a couple of friends that go there. and it all depends on who you buy from, for the prices. fyi -- make sure your next question isn't asking for a hookup.
  5. From my experience....about 50~60 for an 1/8th of pretty good mids, maybe better if you know the right person. Then again my guy's been dry for a month now so...
  6. 50/60 for n 8th of mids????? fuuuuuck that!
  7. lol yep.. unless you have great connects, get used to overpriced bud out here in GA
  8. an eighth of mids for 50-60?! i thought you were talking about headies son!
    a quarter should go for 25 and nothing more. seriously. you're getting RIPPED OFF! :eek:
  9. Wow dude you pay 50-60 for an eight of mids.:eek::confused::eek: I can get dank here for less than that.
    Oh and I dont go to tech... i go to GSU
  10. By dank, do you mean really really crazy high quality stuff or just like pretty good, seedless buds?

    Is expecting an ounce for around $400, quarter for $110 reasonable for some dank, dank headies around here?

  11. most people refer to "dank" on this site as headies. anything else could be dro or mids down here. as for the 400 a zip of dank headies.. EHHHHHHH. look more towards about anything from 500-600 bucks. prices really suck if you don't know the right people. and lately my connect's been gettin taxed so that means i get taxed. sucks.

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