soooo....what is it actually like being crunk?

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  1. see, i've never smoked weed at a party, solely because whenever i go to a party i always try to get as drunk as possible as fast as possible, and usually that means that before i know it i'm too drunk to smoke weed without getting the spins.

    can anybody accurately describe what it feels like to crossfade? any input is more than welcome
  2. when your body's all warm and your head's all warm and everythings happy and you are really high and nothing can stop you not even 8 slices of pizza
  3. so it's like heroin then? :confused:
  4. Okay so because of the alcohol you have little to no inhibitions.

    Because of the weed your calm, and your mind is thinking very detailed like.

    Basically its awesome but hard to get right. If your too drunk and you smoke you might just get the spins.

    Sometimes you don't even really feel the high because of the alcohol buzz.

    But sometimes you can balance it out Just Right and you are in heaven. Add a little nicotine headrush and your happier than a ray of fucking sunshine.

  5. Haha, isn't that the best way to get laid then, you have the liquid courage but you know what you're doing, so you can think about it

    Shittt sounds good
  6. last night i drank 2 bottles of wine with 2 of my friends and we smoked a shitload.....and the effect of me being "crunk" was me rolling around on the floor with her pitbull and trying to ride it like a horse.....haha yet that dog still loves me :)
    oh and then i ate pizza. that usually happens too.
  7. good way to get bitten.
  8. lmao @ MrBlaze , not 8 slices, nothing.

    You know what's good are those bbq ..things yea those twisty ones
  9. it's only how you bring the dog up , pitbulls dont just bite everyone but some can be bloody mad.
  10. You basically have to build a tolerance for them together.

    You might drink a couple beer then smoke a joint. I bet you'll feel on top of the world. Then when your high is going away start smoking again

    If you go drinking 4 beer then smoke a joint you'll probably get the spins, maybe puke.

    But trust me once you build the tolerance.. it is worth it. The two belong.
  11. being crunk is amazing!!!!!!! I experienced depersonalization; you feel outside of your body. the frame rate of my vision felt slower and I felt like I was a spectator looking out of my eyes if that makes any sense. Never done any other drugs but i imagine that you can say the crunk high is like the same high of a white powdery substance except longer.

    A better analogy may be that crunk may feel like a more potent sativa high. I just get a surge of energy big time, my thoughts are lucid, very sociable and outgoing, empathic feelings, etc. The only thing that I don't like about being crunk is that people say my eyes get really low almost closed and you can tell that I'm faded. I do think that the alcohol may overpower the weed but I haven't blazed large amts. while drunk so I'm still getting the feel for it.
  12. Ive only been able to get crunk once and let me tell you....that was THE MOST amazing sex ive ever had, too bad the girl turned out to be a psycho clingy biznatch...
  13. Like above said, it's hard to get perfect. . At least for me it is. :( But when you do, everything is right in the world.

    mmm, psycho chicks.
  14. Its a golden combination if you dont do too much of either.

    dance on tables.
  15. Soemtimes it's fucking awesome, and your just flyiiiinn

    Sometimes it's fucked and you get spins like mad and end up yackin.

    usually if you blaze, wait to come down, start drinking, then blaze when your already fucked you'll be good.

    You have to have a good tolerance to get crunk.
  16. Just do it, I wasn't aware it was called getting "crunk" but whatever the feeling of a drunk stone is unmatchable :smoke:

  17. naw this girlie was waaaayy psycho, not like the cute quirky "i may be off in the head" psycho...lets just say she showed up at my place at 3am (she walked all of the 10 miles there...) on a Tuesday with a frikking hatchet screaming at the top of her lungs that she was going to "destroy" me if i ever cheated on neighbors called the police on her and i had a restraining order...although that was 3 years ago and i recently found out she lives in Maine now and has 3 kids...
  18. Is there anyone else out there like me who can smoke and feel great no matter how smashed they are? I haven't gotten the spins since I was just starting out smoking.

    By far my favorite part about being crunk is the music. Music just sounds unfuckinbelievably awesome when I'm drunk and high. Being crunk is like being drunk, but the weed kind of brings you back to your senses. So while you have that heavy alcohol buzz and loss of inhibition, you also get the cool enhanced sensory perception of the chronic.
  19. it feels so good! i smoked and drank at a couple of partys. 1 being inside a house. i was talking to every body at the party and stuff. and my people are always there so it feels comfortable. do it. youll enjoy it.
  20. Getting crunk is a baller status if you can get the combination right, for me its about 5 Shocktops or similarly tasty brews or about 4-5 shots of Sailor Jerry (nom nom nom) and then a medium sized bowlio out of my spoon. After that, all is right with the world ;)

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