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  1. My girlfriend just told me she really doesn't care if I look at porn.

    What do?
  2. Continue to look at porn?
  3. No, she was seriously being honest.
  4. I like where this is going.
  5. time to introduce the girlfriend to your secret porno stash layer:eek:
  6. You that p-whipped that you would stop watching porn in the privacy of your own room if she didn't "allow" you to?
  7. no one is ever going to tell me to not look at porn again.

    okay, they might tell me. but i ain't listenin.
  8. Ask her if she wants to watch some with you bro. My gf likes to watch porn too.. when we watch it together, Good things happen :D
  9. she wants to view pornographic movies with you.
  10. Look at the pic below, the answer is there.

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  11. yeah, I guess go look at some porn dude.
  12. Check out the masturbation tab on Pornhub. Makes me bust a load every time.
  13. ....Where is this tab
  14. so what? why would it matter to her anyways?

  15. you know its funny, i never got to finish this thread because you posted that. thanks.
  16. Look at porn together?

  17. Proceed.
  18. I never found the tab :'(

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