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Sooo high on tiny amt of grass. WHY?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by abk1016, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. #1 abk1016, Nov 18, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 18, 2011
    Alright I am pretty new to smoking. I have this one hitter that fits about a PEA sized piece of flower. The weed is quite dank or at least very high mids. I can see trichomes on it and it smells delicious. By the time I walk outside take lungful or two until its gone, come back in and put it all away and start to go do something it begins.

    I end up staring at something or doing something weird and then realize I was doing it but don't know for how long. I went and laid down since it was late anyways and put on some music. My mind was going 1000 mph and I kept thinking of the most random stuff and was seeing like cartoonish looking things with my eyes closed and open (but it was dark so I couldnt see). It wasn't like super vivid, I could tell it was fake but it was crazy. I remembered so much of my childhood and random events.

    All of this from a pea sized piece of weed. Is this normal? At this rate the 1/8 I bought is going to last for prolly 6 months or more even if I smoke every day (guess). So why is this happening? Is it sativa and it just gives too big of a headfuck for me? Even so at the small amount it shouldn't affect me that much I'd think. I get relaxed though so hybrid maybe? People I know talk about hitting bongs with nickel sized pieces or bigger and still going to school and whatnot. Any ideas guys? Thanks in advance.

    PS./Edit: I'd like to be able to go do stuff high and chill with people and be more relaxed and enjoy stuff more and smoke with my buddies or work high or whatever, and I don't see how thats possible for you guys to that?
  2. Simple, you have a very low tolerance. This is the same for most people who just started smoking. Maybe not so much about the cartoons, but essentially the same.
  3. When I still had a really low tolerance, I [nearly] tripped balls off a single hit of a makeshift bong.
    Weed can be a hell of a drug man.
  4. But from talking to people they all seem to be confused when I tell them this. How long will it take to get it up and by smoking how much? At this point its not really that enjoyable unless I smoke about half that amount, which is almost nothing haha.
  5. Enjoy it while you can. As you smoke more often you will get less and less high.
  6. Well just so you know, Jaded means kinda like tired or boring and stuff. You mean faded. Grammar.
  7. Ill edit for you if it makes you feel better ha.

  8. I'm feeling great, no need. Youngin'
  9. Tolerance isn't really a thing you can measure.
    Some people take longer to become resistant to marijuana's effects.
    I know quite a few people who have been smoking 5+ years and still have a [kind of] low tolerance.

    All in all, just be sure to write down your thoughts whenever you get really stoned like that.
    Trust me, I had so many brilliant ideas and never jotted them down. They are now lost to the world forever.
  10. Just a low tolerance man, you'll build up a tolerance if you smoke frequently. Enjoy the low tolerance man, it's the best. I only smoke once every week or two so I still have a fairly low tolerance, but I have been smoking for a long time so I'm used to the high if you get my meaning.
  11. Only read the title. Must be some dank ass shit. :p
  12. Enjoy it while it lasts. As you now know, just take that smaller hit. I have a mid-high tolerance and every now and then, I still can take a deep hit of some strains and start to feel it as I exhale the first hit. :smoke:
  13. Haha yeah I was told it is and has proved to be so. Well I guess I should just enjoy it then and maybe get less high a few times a day to get up the tolerance. Yeah I felt like I had really figured out some important stuff but now I can't remember. Anyways, I guess cannabis can be much more powerful than I had assumed, at least with low tolerance. Do you guys think I'm smoking a sativa dominant strain then? Maybe indica would be better for a while just to get my tolerance up? Although I'd rather not buy more when I have what seems like a lot.
  14. So op imagine what will happen if you do more!!
  15. That would be up to your personnal preference.
    I am an old fart now, usually I just like to keep a nice high going, rather than be stoned. But every now and then. :D :smoke:
  16. I love having low tolerance . Saves me weed
  17. Yeah thats true. I'm not going to have to pick up for a looong time. And I'm a cheapass so thats great. Yeah I like the really chill high where everything is more interesting and you notice more, with that great body pulsing. I like it where my thoughts don't get too raped/rapid so I can watch a great movie or something. What would be best for this - indica or sativa? I think my weed is sativa dominant and I can get this effect with less but maybe indica is better for this?
  18. I love low T man. Best thing evar
  19. So is there any advantage to a higher tolerance (not naturally just by smoking a lot)? Does it get you higher but make the high more manageable or something or no?
  20. I'm jealous, I remember when I used to get like that too. You just have a low tolerence and smoked good weed. Don't worry though, when you get more accustomed to how your body reacts and your tolerence gets higher, you'll be able to do anything you want stoned

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