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    the other night i snuck out with my car to meet up with some people and i theres snow on the roads and shit where i live and there was a random patch nobody plowed and i slipped into a snowbank...and by into a snow bank i mean INTO a snow bank. me and my friends couldn't get my car out. the funny thing was we werent even stoned yet and i couldnt come up with a good enough excuse as to why i was driving like an idiot. so we were just chillin in the car wondering what to do and these random mexicans walking around were like "hey man smoke a bowl with us and we can get you out!" so i agreed and they went and got their car and rope and stuff.
    well they got us out...but the second we were home free those flashing lights popped up in the rearview mirror. we still hand't smoked yet. so i was like shit and i kicked the tiny amount of weed i had and the pipe under my seat. nobody knows what happend to the beggining to wonder if that was in my imagination because they were GONE. one minute they were pushing me out of the snowbank...and as soon as the lights popped up there was no sign of them. so there was like 4 cop cars and a bunch of officers came up to us like hey step out of the vehicle so i did and they were all "you been drinking at all?" and im like no sir. and then he was like "so why are your eyes all messed up man?" and im like what are you talking about? so i had to sit there and pass all these tests with fingers and walking straight, having a flashlight shined into my poor pupils and down my throat and i didnt know what was going on. so i told him i snuck out and i slipped on ice or something and crashed and mexicans got me out so he said fine just call your mom and tell her what happend so i did and she was kinda pissed and then the officer was like ok just go home like she said
    so i was getting in the car...when he came back randomly like
    hey do you mind if i search the car?" i didnt know what to do so i said i didn;t think i had any other option even though technically it was my moms car so should i have made him call her?..he said it was for some statistical program or something
    but i told him i had a nug under my seat and i gave it to him and they tore appart my whole fucking car looking for more and im like theres none dude
    so i got arrested for that and the pipe.
    he continued to suspect i was stoned or drunk even though i passed all his stupid tests and i could funtion properly and everything...
    so he told me he wouldn't give me a dui because he couldn't find anything wrong with me..but he said "i think there might be something wrong with you in general..."
    so im just like...thanks man
    and he let me go with a $300 citation.
    cops suck i guess i'll just pay the ticket and things will go back to the used to..them waiting for me to do something wrong
    but i was kind of offended he just assumed there was something wrong with me ya know? i mean if i was stoned i would have told him...
    though there was weed in my car...i havent smokd in a while and i was going to that night..but nooooo
    im definately worried about having it in the car ever again... there some way to hide it they will never think of or am i better off just not having it in there?
    and i definately should know my rights and shit....
    what advice would you give me after this haha
    other than just...keep it dl for a while..already on that
  2. Next time you shouldn't allow them to search the car especially if you have shit in the car and why did 4 cop cars come anyways?
  3. you shouldn't have allowed him to search your car. he has no right to, he checked you for drugs with all of his tests, he didn't need further evidence.
  4. i was pretty sure i didnt have a choice...
    but i dont know...what does he do if i say no?
  5. yea
    thats what i wanted to know!
    i figured someone saw all the mexicans and called the popo
    or one of them called for backup or something...
    they asked me what happend to them andim like...i have no clue
    there was like...2 regular cars, like an suv type one...and one of those vans
  6. If you say no he cant do anything about it except call the drug dogs which rarely ever happens
  7. oh alright...
    i think they were really bored that night with such a huge response like that...
    im sure there were bigger fish to fry than me and my little bit of weed
  8. I went and picked up a QP instead of putting it in my car i wrapped it up and everything and stuck it beside my battery.
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    I see so many threads where i want to slap the OP for letting the cops search the car, and if they called your mom, your prolly underage.
    EDIT" YAY POSTED AT 420!!! time to smoke a bowl BRB
  10. Know your rights. You shouldn't have allowed him to search your car, especially after he let you go and tried to come back and say, "Oh by the way, I want to search the vehicle."

    Should have just said your mom is expecting you home now, and you gotta go.
  11. thats bullshit son....
  12. fail, sounds like u were off the hook and you let him search anyways.
  13. should have told him to fuck off (in a non-offensive way though) "officer, i have already passed every single one of your tests, my mom is pissed at me and worried sick, ive had a very bad long day, can i PLEASE go home already?" it should have worked probably, since he already let you go pretty much
  14. You're underaged OP.

    Good job making it so obvious.
  15. haha you shouldnt have consented to the search. I was driving like an idiot the other day swerving and stuff becuase i was messing with my radio and i got pulled over. And the cop checked me and my passenger out and kept asking if theres anything in the car and i was like nah. He asked to search it and i was like I dont consent to any searches sir. and he said since i wasnt coroporating he was gunna write some tickets, but he didnt and i got away scott free.
  16. i agree with what was said. i would have answered him with "yeah, i actually DO mind if you search my car, i have to get going" what's he gonna do, taze you?


    not raggin on ya, just thought it was funny that you werent even stoned, and still fell victim to the piggies.

    next time, you know what to do.

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