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    I went and bought a Sony Rack for 15$ and I have a few questions regarding air circulation. Etc..

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    Dimensions: 22" wide x 24" deep x 61" height

    Bottom Section (Veg stage until they get to big for the area)
    Top Section (Veg, "Flowering" stage)

    1) What type of lighting system would I need for it? (Cfl's, If so how much/many?)
    2) Im considering using 80mm (25-35 cfm) or 120mm (60-80 cfm) pc fans. How many would I need for intake and how many would I need for exhaust.
    3) Can I have the intake fans running in from the bottom section and exhaust out of the top section or do I need to have intake and exhaust for each section?
    4) White or a higher reflective material like aluminum sheeting?
    5) How many plant(s) could I grow in it till I have to move them to something different(if required)

    Screw this im done asking questions, Any help would be appreciated lol..

    Oh and one more thing. Since there are huge gaps around the glass door im going to get some velcro strips and have a roll up sheet of plastic and line the outside of the cab with one side of velcro and then the roll up sheet with the other side. (Would that work?)

    Btw that little tiny box u see next to it which is funny as hell I got plants in there that are already sprouting. (6 plants)
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    Last edited by a moderator: May 8, 2011 - JMC/DATECH DS9238-12HBTL 92mm Case Fan w/ Thermal Sensor (One of the fans I have)
    RPM - 5700 ±10% RPM
    Air Flow - 121.2 CFM
    (red/white/black wires) (which ones are the ones I need to have hooked up to the wall charger if i go that route.)(Not to good at wiring 3+ wires so they work proper) lol

    In the vent faq's fresh air should be circulated once atleast every 5minutes and the equation that is posted in there is LxWxH / 5min. So..... At 121.2 CFM fan would circulate the air in there 6 times per minute? This fan seems way to damn small to do that hahahaha.

    If I go with a wall charger which I prefer how do you judge the voltage/amperage needed from the output of the wall charger? For instance if I have 1 fan which is 12v and 2amps and 2nd is 5v and 1amp how much does the output power from the wall charger need to be?

    I was reading in the Ventilation FAQ that negative pressure is bad etc.. and that there is no need for an intake fan...? Is that true in a 20 cubic foot area?
  3. lol with all the people online no one is able to respond to this post?

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