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  1. I don't know if its just me.
    But there are a few songs that just remind me of when old friends and I used to chill and toke. When i listen to them it just makes me really happy and i always have a good day.

    Does anyone else have songs like this???
  2. cypress hill - hits from the bong

    reefer to sig
  3. :p very good song.

    one of mine is roses - outkast

    right when that came out my freshman year of hs wed just blaze and blaze to it.
  4. I remember specific events from years past simply because a particular song was playing when something happened. I guess that's just the way my brain is wired.

    Those songs don't always make me happy, though. Sometimes it sucks to think that you can't see the same people or do the same things under the same circumstances ever again.

    (starts listening to shitty emo music)

  5. i am the same way, certain songs bring up certain memories
  6. Yeah, this song that really reminds me of good times is "I shouda posted in the music hall" by the GC Blazers.
  7. some

    also some remind me of bad times

    like when i was doing drugs all the time

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