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  1. What is the best kind of music to listen to when ur high???

    What are some good songs to listen to when ur high???
  2. Hits from the Bong - Cypress Hill
    Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf
    Snoop Doggy Dog - Snoop Dog
    In Utero (whole CD) - Nirvana
    Any Phish
    Any Sublime
  3. jam bands

    stevie ray vaughn
    jimi hedrix
    greatful dead
    pink floyd is always great
    that kind of stuff
  4. O man can't belive i forgot Pink Floyd! Though floyd's always great.
  5. yea totally jambands
    keller williams
    string cheese incident
    widespread panic
    grateful dead
    acoustic syndicate
    its all amazing music

  6. only the millionth?

    i dont usually play the music game buuuut couldnt resist, the... magic carpet ride!

  7. damn how many threads are we gonna have like this...

    i like to listen to the same music i listen to when im sober.. but when im stoned it sounds better.
  8. yepyep I'd say so
  9. Cypress Hill is awesome.
  10. Moving to music hall!
  11. i really enjoy listening to perfect circle and othe rock shit
  12. Perfect circle? I'm afraid i'm gonna have to say more shit then rock! Don't mean to be nasty but there are some awesome bands around who really know how to ROCK! and P.C. just dont cut it for me.

  13. ......whatever music you like is best when you're high. if you don't like rap, no pot in the world is going to change that. someone else can't tell you what you like. make up your own minds people!

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