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Songs you are listening to alot lately

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by s0ad05, May 1, 2006.

  1. Mr. Biggs - Take that shit to trial
    Rhymefest - Dynomite
    B.I.G - My way of life
  2. Potluck & Tech N9NE - Say What You Wanna Say (Remix)
    Bizzy Bone - Better Run, Better Hide
  3. Brotha Lynch Hung- Refuse to lose
  4. envelope - you don't feed my babies
    ohene - O.H.E.N.E. = MC^2
    gnarlz barkley - just a thought
    at the drive-in - speechless
    nick cave - where the wild roses grow
  5. Big Pun - Twinz
    AZ - Can't Stop
    Nas - Illmatic
  6. The Philadelphia Experiment - lle Ife
    Mike Stern - No Notice
    E-40 - Yay Area
  7. crazy-gnarls barkley
    killa whale-andre nickatina
  8. pantera -slaughter and cemetary gates
    linkin park - by myself
    led zeppelin - dazed and confused
    ICP - juggalo chants
    cypress hill - crack cocaine
    bloodhound gang - pacman on crack
    ac/dc - are you ready
  9. blouw your avitar is fucking with me and i am drunk

    pink floyd meddle yes i know its not a song but the whole album is pimp
  10. haha i've been listening to alot of Cypress Hill lately.
  11. fear factory, modest mouse, and Nine inch Nails.

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