Songs while super stoned

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by ideal, May 9, 2004.

  1. Smoke alot of weed through a bong to get every last drop of thx im talking like 8 bowls :), then downlaod dreamer by tramp whore and daze at winamps visualizations
  2. any color you'd like
  3. Blue Oyster Cult is some good shit, been listening to the for a long time!!!!

  4. By Floyd. Good choice.
  5. oh, hendrix
  6. i like immortal technique - dance with the devil when im blazed and by myself
  7. outcast, al theyr albums.
  8. my friend turned me on to a new band last night - Sigur Ro. Download some of thier shit, it's sooo great when you're stoned. Extremely mellow and relaxing, it's great to just put on and listen to, it's amazing.

    Also 'Wish you were here' is extremely good whilst high, and 'Aqueous Transmission' by Incubus is incredible.
  9. Runnin With The Devil by Van Halen, Pink Floyd and The Mars Volta are some of my favourites while high.
  10. - Smoke in the water
    - Inscense & Peppermint

    best songs to feel u are stoned the way u should be :)
  11. im in 2 the old shit like led zeppelin, the byrds, the who, bob marley, and the beatlies.
  12. Moving from Rec. use to the Music forum. :)
  13. Sublimes always good, the best song to listen to for me is "Lets get stoned" because of the bass and the guitar solo at the end
  14. burning by darude
  15. radiohead - kid a

    tis the shit
  16. listen to bubblehouse by medeski martin and wood it is great.

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