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  1. Have you ever been stoned and heard a song, then the lyrics fucked your mind with its meaning or message. I know I have, Tool continously does it. thats why we need a thread for people to interpret the lyrics of songs. This is what I think about the song 'Aerials' by System of A Down

    [ame=]System Of A Down - Aerials - YouTube[/ame]

    Life is a waterfall were one with the river and one again after the fall
    I think they are saying in the beginning (birth) we are all one spirit/being/thing and again after the fall (when we die). Waterfall = the lives we live. Also it could mean we are all the same even though we try to differentiate each other by things like skin color, cultures, religion. But ultimately EVERYONE in the world wants the same thing, happiness and fulfillment. Note 1-waterfalls are fuckin majestic and crazy, the river before it has deep parts and shallow parts. They can have rough rapids or smooth easy calm parts. Like the good and the bad in our lives. Waterfall is a metaphor for everyone's life that they experience.
    Swimming through the void we hear the word, we lose ourselves but we find it all
    Swimming through the void (meaning our life), we hear the word (as in news propaganda and commercials aka brainwashing bullshit). We lose who we really are but we find it all (all meaning all material shit and frivolous shit that doesn't really matter like fame).
    Cause we are the ones that want to play, always want to go but you never want to stay
    This one was a little bit harder for me to understand. But I think its saying everyone wants to play(as in playing the game of life) we always want to go(have more/greed) but never want to stay(be happy with what you have, cause I know a lot of us middle class Americans and corporate assholes aren't satisfied with what they have and take things for granted.)
    And we are the ones who want to choose, always want to play but you never wanna lose
    He's saying we want to be able to have control over things we don't and be able to choose to have really nice shit. Again we want to play the game of life (not many people actually want to die) but don't want to lose (be poor, not have that new car, or bigger house.) We always want things to go our way or have what we want unless it would harm us or until it starts harming us and becomes a problem is another way of saying it.
    Aerials in the sky, when you lose small mind you free your life
    This could be talking about a higher power/god/spirit. But I think the aerials in the sky seems to be more like the eye in the sky/big brother-the “word” that tries to control us
    Aerial: suggestive of air: as a : lacking substance b : fanciful, ethereal <visions of aerial joy - P. B. Shelley>
    So aerials as in the bullshit companies, the news, and commercials try to tell you or get you to buy things you don't need.
    The other part I think is a little more straight forward, when you lose small mind (prejudices, refusing to see other peoples way of thinking, things like that) you free your life (free your life from the enslavement your narrow mind kept you in {remember when people thought the earth was flat and you would fall off the edge if you went too far? Or when they thought the sun was some kind of dung beetle moving a piece of supernatural shit across the sky?})

    Life is a water fall, we drink from the river then we turn around and put up our walls
    For the first part life is a waterfall- refer to note 1 again. Sometime we just want answers to the things we don't have so we will believe anything. We will listen to what anyone says to make some kind of sense out of life (yeah I'm talking about religion) We drink from the river (drink the Kool-Aid, follow the bandwagon) and put up our walls=then we become small minded and block other ways of thinking or ways of life and only think what we do as “normal” or socially acceptable. After all, we are only social animals that want acceptance, monkeys with large brains.
    Aerials, so up high, when you free your eyes eternal prize
    Again the aerials that are so up high could be referring to a higher power. I know they were pretty spiritual so these lyrics could have a more religious meaning. But when you free your eyes (look past the small shit and things in life that don't really matter) you get the eternal reward of spiritual freedom. An awakening or epiphany of some kind.
    If you watch the music video you will see it's about a kid from the circus who dreams about being rich, famous, and having lots of women. You will understand more of what I'm saying if you watch the video.
    Also I was high when I wrote this so sorry if there are spelling errors or sentences don't make sense. There were a lot of other things I wanted to say but I am too stoned to remember them. I might add them later but this song has lots of meaning and you may interpret it differently

    TL;DR? Get the Fuck out of my thread.
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