Son, what's this?

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  1. So I had just got back from my routine bake early Sunday afternoon and was downstairs playing my guitar (killswitch, A bid farewell) to be exact. Anyway, out of the corner of my eye I see my dad walk in and sit down, I of course continue playing because...well because. After I finish I turn around and he has my two spencer bags (two peices, papers, opium, a nickel or so, and about 500 seeds). "What's this?" "Well dad is my stash and my pipes." Apparently at this time he is wanting me to freak out and think my world is coming to an end. Little does he know I don't fucking care, and really really want to go back to playing guitar. So he proceeds to tell me that he's not an idiot and knows that my opium is hash ...mmk. "I want you to know I am surprised, disappointed, and totally shocked about this son." Well why did you go out to my car dad? "To look for this (holding the bag)!" Um, well why are you surprised if you found what you were looking for? "I don't want to talk about this anymore." So he starts walking off and I'm like hey where you goin with that? "Well I guess I'll just put it back" So I said ok and immediately went back to playing. The End.
  2. nice story lol
  3. very similar thing happend to me a couple of years ago, ever scence my parents and i have a understanding. I was actually happy they foung my stash and had the balls to confront me about it.
  4. Hahah, nicely handled, "I guess ill just put it back" classic!
  5. holly shit, my dad would have gone on for hours, no matter what i said. my mom on the other hand, would just say dont get caught.
  6. Parents who used to do the same shit some of the youth nowadays do are the best.
    They'd rather confront and understand than flip out and try to make their kid feel like shit.
  7. hahah thats funny as shit
  8. What a great story. lol
  9. put it back my ass. He probably flushed that shit.

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