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somtimes i really just dont get it

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by flashlight, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. most times i assume stoners are all pretty cool, but i run into so many a-holes..anyway, ive been unsing this new guy for a few months now...he was a friend through a friend for a while so we knew echother etc...anyway his stuff was always good, 100 for 1/ then he says he has something a little better...ok ill try was really good and id say worth it...then he tells me he has "og kush" so i immediatley call BS but he says its so good, amazing! ok 120 for 1/ its getting i get the stuff home and give it a try and its fluffy, looks really good but isnt very potent compared to what ive been i needed some for a trip im going on this weekend, and i basically called him out on it..

    so he was apologetic and said he is gonna really hook me up...then he textxs me saying he has "pineapple express" im like, OMG this is so is he for real? haha yea ok who doesnt have pineapple express these days right? anyway supposedy hes gonna hook me up big time, but now he didnt respond to my text when we basically set i up last night anyway...hes always quick so prolly busy but just weird man..sometimes i just dont get dealers at all
  2. If a dealer doesn't know the real strain name, they'll just make up a name for it. If he calls it Pineapple Express it'll probably be good either way.
  3. ive seen pineapple from a few coops
  4. yeh once one of my dealers told me he had hindu kush.
    shit was dark as night and look tasty
    so i bought it and it turned out to be shit weed sprayed with windex :eek:
    never bought from him again
  5. hindu kush makes me jam out with my clam out
  6. if the 120 a 1/4 stuff looked really good you can't really blame your dealer for mis leading you, its entirely possible he hadn't smoked it yet, or hadn't smoked it while starting sober (which could mis lead a person as to how good their weed was)

    besides if you called him out on it and he was honestly sorry you were disappointed i would say to have a decent dealer.
  7. yeah i feel you. dealers are weird. but f**k it we need them

  8. Good weed should typically be light in color, not dark.
  9. wait please excuse my lack of knowledge but pineapple express is real?? i thought it was made up for the movie...thats cool that they used a real strain name.
  10. I think he was upset because it's obvious that the guy was lying.

    At least I hope so.
  11. oh ok that makes sense, thx for clearing that up
  12. If my dealer said he was going to sell me some Pineapple Express I'd be mad upset because I always buy off him and the price is definitely right. I would have to stop going to him because I hate when people try to fuck me over.

    Find some stoners that smoke a lot and they can introduce you to a legit dealer.
  13. Thinking all weed smokers are friendly is just as wrong as thinking all weed smokers are stupid or lazy.
    Its a predjudice, or a stereotype, whatever you want to call it, but in reality, you'll meet all kinds of people doing all kinds of different things.

    And also a golden rule is: assholes are everywhere.
  14. QFT. Couldn't have said it any better. :hippie:
  15. yeah dealers are usually about the money, not about the customer. There are the good ones who know how to do buisness but then there are the ones out there trying to hustle and make a quick buck, those are the ones who fall of fairly quickly because they dont have that buisness coming back.
  16. i had a kid once sell me pineapple express but he admitted it was just good dank and it smelled like pineapple so he called it that for fun.
  17. it makes me freak out with my beak out

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