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  1. Ok on the left is seedsmans, "freebie og kush"
    And the right side is "green house seeds trainwreck". Its been a while since i last grew anything. But i feel these seedlings look quite funny. I think i should throw em in my tent like this as i feel its not getting enough light. But i dont want to fry them. Any help is appreciated.

    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1414724885.842691.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1414724899.671894.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1414724954.624575.jpg
  2. Not getting enough light; they're stretching like crazy.
  3. Get them in their hydro buckets soon.
  4. Wow thats a fast reply! Cool. The thing with these seedlings were the seeds were all intact covering the leaves for 3 days up until earlier today and i heard not to give light till the leaves come out. I hope these will be a good run regardless. Thank you
  5. Well at first it won't matter as long as you give them SOME light, but honestly the sooner you get a CFL or a bit of light on 'em the better, and like Snoop said. As soon as you can get them in their hydro buckets, do so. No nutes until the seed leaves start to die though!
  6. Okay great, im soil growing, so no hydro for me this round. Maybe next grow! :) I need to get used to taking care of them again first, i suppose i should put them into my soil soon Ill wait till i see roots on the bottom of my rockwool. So far it looks like 3 out of my four seeds germinated.
  7. I ordered from seedsman as well. Great seeds :) I'm about to pop some jack herer and a sour crack auto

    Just get them in the light to stop the stretch, they can handle quite a bit of light, just don't go overboard

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    I don't know if I did this right, but I had one really lazy seed.  I thought it was dead... it was in paper towel for 5 days...and a glass of water for another 2.  Then i added 1-2 drops of veg nutes - the next day, boom.  Now she's the fastest of my new babies.. 
    So maybe try for the 4th with a glass of tap water (if not too shitty water) and drop a drop or two in.  If it's considered a dead seed, there's no harm in trying.  If it's just a lazy fat bitch, you could end up with 25% more yield
  9. Were those left in the dark when they germed wtf

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