Somewhat serious problemo. HELP

Discussion in 'General' started by AdrianLikesKush, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. ok,
    i wanna buy a bong/pipe from the GC store but i dont want them delivering it to my house. i have a credit card and am of age and everything but will be fucked if they do, any helpful info?
  2. ship it to a friend's house who you can trust?
  3. Local stores are your friend.
  4. i'd say if you dont have a friends house to send it to you dont have much of a choice. why will you be so fucked if it comes to your house? the boxes are usually plain :smoking:

  5. i gotta buddy named justin but hes underage:confused:
  6. Get a P.O. box.
  7. this ^^^^
  8. What exactly are you scared of? Still live at home with parents? If so just get something cheap and new in town, take the box in your room when you get it and then say you got the other thing instead of a pipe. make sense?
  9. Are you employed? I have stuff like that sent to my employers address with my name on it. I simply tell my employer that I shipped it to my work because I am never home and always at work during the day so the package won't get stolen this way. It has worked out for me many times :D

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